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Kai Sha Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Cultural semiotics; American and British Literature

Educational Background

PhD.  Semiotics, Nanjing Normal University (2014)

MA.  British and American Literature, Nanjing Normal University (1998)

BA.  English education, Nanjing Normal University (1995)

Research Projects

  • “Research on Susanne Langer’s semiotic theory.” ( funded by: Education Bureau of Jiangsu Province Grant No. 2014SJB097)

Journal Articles

  1. “Exploration into the human nature in reminiscent writing” World Literature Recent Developments No. 257 (2014): 41-42.
  2. “Philosophical Origin of Susan Langer’s Semiotic Aesthetics,” Hundred Schools in Arts No. 136 (2014):  218-219.
  3. “Symbols and Interpretations of Being: Analysis of Susanne Langer’s Symbolic Philosophy,” Foreign Languages and Their Teaching No. 268 (2013): 18-21.
  4. “Abstraction and Formation—On Susanne Langer’s Aesthetic Thoughts in Semiotics,” Russian Literature & Arts No. 2 (2011): 71-75.
  5. “Symbolic Interpretation of Characters in ‘The Assistant’,” Journal of Writers No. 1 (2008): 102-104.
  6. “Communicative ability—an idealistic teaching aim,” Testing and Evaluation No. 1 (2008): 8-10.
  7. “Romanticism in Psychological depictions in ‘The Scarlet Letter’” Shandong Literature Journal No. 589 (2007):46-48.
  8.  “A Psychological Romance--on ‘The Scarlet Letter’ ” New Criticisms on Foreign Languages and Literatures (2006): 202-205.