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Shuguang Li Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Syntax, Discourse Analysis, History of Linguistics, English Teaching

Shuguang Li


Educational Background

PhD, English Linguistics, Nanjing Normal University (2007)
MA, English Linguistics, Nanjing Normal University (2002)
BA, English Language and Literature, Anhui University (1999)


Research Interests

Syntax, Discourse Analysis, History of Linguistics, Translation Studies
Research Projects

1. Grammar Teaching Based on Bibo-Platform and Cognitive-Functional Linguistic Theories”, Nanjing Normal University Teaching & Curriculum Reform Fund2011-2013.

2. The Ontological, Epistemological and Discursive Dimensions of Chomsky’s Linguistic Theory”, Foundation of Jiangsu Universities and Colleges for Philosophy and Social Sciences2010-2013.

3. Bakhtin’s Translinguistics: A Social-semiotic Interpretation and Application”, Nanjing Normal University Research Fund for Young Scholars 2007-2009.

Major Journal Articles

1. Li, Shuguang. 2017. “Chomsky’s Analogical Thesis of ‘Children Are Linguists’: Its Essence and Significance”(乔姆斯基“儿童即语言学家”命题的实质与作用). Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition) ( 《南京师大学报》(社会科学版)), 2017(4): 109-117.

2. Li, Shuguang. 2017. “Ethics in Translating Medical Terms: Focusing on the Chinese Translations of ‘Autism’”(医学术语翻译中的伦理问题——以Autism的汉译为例). Foreign Languages Research (《外语研究》), 2017(1): 75-79.

3. Li, Shuguang. 2016. “Language Disorders of Children with Autism Viewed from the Perspectives of Chomsky and Foucault’s Theories”(乔姆斯基与福柯理论视域下自闭症儿童语言障碍). Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition) ( 《南京师大学报》(社会科学版)), 2016(5): 112-119.

4. Li, Shuguang. 2015.“A Metonymic Motivation for the Simple Present Tense of Reporting Verbs in English Academic Discourse”(英语学术语篇中转述动词一般现在时的转喻动因). Foreign Languages Research (《外语研究》), 2015(5): 11-16.

5. Li, Shuguang & Yin Hao. 2015.“Conflicts and Complementarity between Skinner’s Behaviorism and Chomksy’s Mentalism: With Special Reference to Language Intervention for Children with Autism”(论斯金纳行为主义与乔姆斯基心智主义范式的冲突与互补). Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition) ( 《南京师大学报》(社会科学版)), 2015(5): 111-120.

6. Li, Shuguang. 2014.“Saussure’s and Chomsky’s Linguistics under the Perspective of Bakhtin’s Philosophical Ideas on Linguistics”(巴赫金哲学思想视域中的索绪尔与乔姆斯基语言学). Foreign Language Research (《外语学刊》), 2014(2): 18-24.

7. Li, Shuguang & Klaus-Uwe Panther. 2014.“Author (date) constructions in academic discourse”. English Text Construction, vol. 7(2): 215-248

8. Li, Shuguang. 2013.“What Is Meant by “Generate” and “Generative Grammar”?: Origins and Semantic Evolution of Two Key Terms in Chomsky’s Generative Linguistics”(Generate与generative grammar:生成语言学关键术语理论内涵及意义变迁). Foreign Language Teaching and Research (《外语教学与研究》), 2013(4): 495-504.

9. Li, Shuguang. 2013.“A Saussure in the ‘Vise’ of ‘Social’ and ‘Individual’: Bakhtin’s and Chomsky’s Inheritances from and Criticisms of Saussure”(社会与个人“夹缝”中的索绪尔:巴赫金与乔姆斯基对索绪尔的继承与批判). Journal of Russian Literature & Arts (《俄罗斯文艺》). 2013 (4): 130-136.

10. Li, Shuguang and Bin Xin. 2012.“Teaching the Course of English Grammar for English Majors: Difficulties, Objectives and Strategies”(英语专业独立语法课的生存困境、目标定位与教学策略), China University Teaching(《中国大学教学》), 2012 (12): 44-48.

11. Li, Shuguang. 2011.“Chomsky’s Linguistic Psychology: Research Questions and Methodological Implications”(乔姆斯基语言心理学的问题意识与方法论意义). Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition) (《南京师大学报》(社会科学版)). 2011(6): 102-109.

12. Li, Shuguang. 2011.“Dialogue in Theories: Tensions between Bakhtin and Chomsky on Human Language”(理论的对话:巴赫金与乔姆斯基语言哲学思想之间的张力). Journal of Russian Literature & Arts (《俄罗斯文艺》). 2011(3):116-123.

13. Li, Shuguang. 2009.“Intertextuality and Dialogicality in Textual Analysis”(语篇分析中的互文性与对话性), Foreign Languages and Their Teaching (《外语与外语教学》), 2009(12):16-19.


1. Li, Shuguang. 2012. Dialogicity in the Text: Theory and Practice. Beijing: Beijing World Publishing Corporation.

2. Xin, Bin & Shuguang Li. 2010. A Study of the Intertextuality of Chinese and English Newspaper Reports (《汉英报纸新闻语篇互文性研究》). Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

Honors and Awards

1. First Prize of Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences Excellent Research Award (collaborator), awarded by Jiangsu Provincial Government, 2012.      

2. Top Ten Young Teachers of Nanjing Normal University, awarded by Nanjing Normal University, 2010.