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Tong Wang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Japanese Linguistics,The Language Development of Children

Educational Background

PhD, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics,Nanjing Normal University (2012)

MA, Japanese Language and Literature, Nanjing University(2000)

BA, Japanese Language,PLA University of Foreign Language(1989)

Research Projects

  1. Scientific Research Foundation on Humanities and Social Sciences in Higher Education Institutions:“Auxiliary Verbs that Express Mood in Japanese”(“日语表达语气的助动词”) (2000-2001)
  2. Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province:“Mood of Japanese”(“日语的语气”)(2000-2002)

Journal Articles

  1. A Study of the Fuzziness of Judgment Expressed by “ダロウ”(试论“ダロウ”所表达的判断语气的模糊性),Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages(2001(6))《解放军外国语学院学报》2001年第6期。
  2. Bakhtin's Semiotic Theory and Children's Language Acquisition Research— A Study of Children's Acquisition of Sentences with“给”( gěi,meaning“give”) as the Core(巴赫金的符号学理论与幼儿语言习得研究——以幼儿“给”核句的习得为例),Russian Literature & Arts(2011(4))《俄罗斯文艺》2011年第4期,2011.12.


  1. A Semantic Study of Four-Year-Olds’ Language(《四岁幼儿语言的语义研究》,World Book Inc(2013)世界图书出版社,2013.2