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Xia Yuan Professor

Research Interests: 
Canadian Studies, Eco-criticism and Postcolonial studies

Educational Background

PhD, English Language and Literature, Soochow University (2009)

MA, English Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University (1998)

BA, English teaching, Soochow University (1995)

Research Projects

State-authorized project

  1. A Study of Margaret Atwood’s Ethical Ideology (2016-2019, project leader)
  2. Jiangsu Province Social Science Fund Project: Animal Ethics in Contemporary Canadian Literature (2014-2017, project leader)
  3. The post-doc fund (first-rate grant): Canadian Literature in the Perspective of Animal Ethics (2014-2016, project leader)
  4. Project sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education: Eco-Consciousness in Canadian Women Writers’Writing (2009-2011, project leader)
  5. A Reserch on Chinese Comparative Literature from the Perspective of Eco-criticism (2005-2008, main participator)

Journal Articles

  1. “The Vivid Embodiment of Aesthetic Literary Criticism: On Oscar Wilde's Comedy,” in Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition), 1997 (4): 82-85.(《唯美主义文艺观的生动体现——试评王尔德的喜剧》,《南京师范大学学报》1997年第4期)
  2. “Cultural Mireading in A Passage to Indian,” in Shandong Foreign Language Journal, 2002 (4): 26-28.(《〈印度之行〉中的文化误读》,《山东外语教学》2002年第4期)
  3. “Cultural Conflicts between the East and the West in The Joy Luck Club,” in Foreign Literature Studies, 2003 (3): 82-85.(《从〈喜福会〉中的“美国梦”主题看东西文化冲突》,《外国文学研究》2003年第3期)
  4. “Love Reflected in Daniel Steel’s Ransom,” in Translation, 2005 (2): 106-107.(《以案写情——看斯蒂尔的<赎金>》,《译林》2005年第2期)
  5. “The Adoption of Theatricality from Traditional Chinese Opera in Our Town,” in Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal, 2007 (2): 87-90.(《〈小城风光〉在剧场性上对中国戏曲的选择》,《山东外语教学》2007年第2期)
  6. “A Review of Margaret Atwood’s The Tent,” in World Literature: Recent Developments, 2007 (3): 4-7.(《评玛格丽特·阿特伍德新作〈帐篷〉》,《外国文学动态》2007年第3期)
  7. “A Retrospect of Margaret Atwood’s 45 Years of Writing,” in Translations, 2007(5): 206-209.(《植根故土,情牵世界——玛格丽特·阿特伍德45年创作生涯回顾》,《译林》2007年第5期)
  8. “Ecocriticism: Definition, Development and its Reception in China,” in Translations, 2008 (1): 218-220. (《生态批评:定义,发展趋向及在中国的接受》,《译林》2008年第1期,第二作者)
  9. “Multiculturism in Collision,” in Selected Fictions, 2008 (2): 147-148.(《碰撞中的多元文化》,《小说选刊》2008年第2期)
  10. “Weakness and Strength Combined: A Story with Metaphor,” in Selected Fictions, 2008 (11): 148.(《虚弱的强壮:一个不无隐喻的故事》,《小说选刊》2008年第11期)
  11. “Looking Back in Order to Face Future: on Alice Munro’s The View from Castle Rock,” in World Literature: Recent Developments, 2008 (4): 19-22.(《回忆过去是为了面对现在——评爱丽思·蒙罗的<洛克堡的风景>》,《外国文学动态》2008年第4期)
  12. “A Combination of Greek Theatrical Arts and Modern Film Techniques: onMargaret Atwood's Play The Penelopiad,” in Film Literature, 2008 (20): 138-139.(《古希腊戏剧艺术与现代电影技巧的融合——评话剧<珀涅罗珀记>》,《电影文学》2008年第20期)
  13. “The Significance of Patchwork Quilts in Margaret Atwood's Writing,” in Contemporary Foreign Literature, 2009 (3): 138-145.(《玛格丽特•阿特伍德与百衲被》,《当代外国文学》2009年第3期)
  14. “To Pay for Excessive and Reckless Desire: on Margaret Atwood's Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth,” in Translations, 2009 (4): 186-188.(《为恣意放纵的欲望买单——评阿特伍德新作<偿还:债务与财富的阴暗面>》,《译林》2009年第4期)
  15. “A Review of Alice Munro’s Too Much Happiness,” in World Literature: RecentDevelopments, 2010 (2): 35-37.(《艾丽思•门罗的新作<太多快乐>》,《外国文学动态》2010年第2期)
  16. “A Quartet in Ecological Crisis: An Introduction to Four Canadian Eco-poets,” in World Literature: Recent Developments, 2010 (4): 10-12.(《生态危机下的四重唱——介绍加拿大四位生态诗人》,《外国文学动态》2010年第4期)
  17. “An Interpretation of Ecological Thought in ‘Progressive Insanities of a Pioneer’,” in Journal of Shangrao Normal University, 2010 (5): 24-27.(《解读<一个拓荒者的渐趋疯狂>中的生态思想》,《上饶师范学院学报》2010年第5期)
  18. “The Ecological Ideas in The Year of the Flood,” in Foreign Literature, 2011(2): 140-145.(《试论<洪疫之年>中的生态思想》,《外国文学》2011年第2期)
  19. “Contemporary Canadian Women Writers in the Context of Post-colonialism,” in Canadian Studies, Beijing: Beijing University Press, 2013.(《后殖民语境下的加拿大当代女作家》,收录于《加拿大研究》2013年)
  20. “A Grand Finale of Margaret Atwood’s ‘Post-apocalyptic Trilogy’: MaddAddam,”  in World Literature: Recent Development, 2014 (1): 15-17. (《玛格丽特•阿特伍德“后启示录三部曲”之大结局:<风颠亚当>》,《外国文学动态》2014年第1期)
  21. “On the Caribbean Diaspora in Soucouyant,” in Foreign Literature Review, 2014 (2), 90-100.(《试论<苏库扬>中的加勒比流散》,《外国文学评论》2014年第2期)
  22. “On the Home Consciousness in Anne Michaels’ The Winter Vault,” in Journal ofTianjin Foreign Studies University, 2014 (3): 70-75.(《论安妮•麦珂尔斯的<冬日墓穴>中的家园意识》,《天津外国语大学学报》2014年第3期)
  23. “The Animal Ethic of Ecofeminism,” in Journal of Jiangsu University, 2014 (3): 1-8.(《生态女性主义的动物伦理观》,《江苏大学学报》2014年第3期)
  24. “Farewell, the Soul of the Wilderness: Mourning for Canadian Environmental Writer Farley Mowat,” in World Literature: Recent Development, 2014(6): 39-40.(《别了,荒野的灵魂——悼念加拿大生态文学家法利•莫厄特》,《外国文学动态》2014年第6期)
  25. “A Work of Negotiation---On Margaret Atwood’s Stone Mattress,” in New Perspectives on World Literature, 2015(6): 84-92. (《一部“协商”之作——评玛格丽特•阿特伍德新作<石床垫>》,《外国文学动态研究》2015年第6期)
  26. “On the Animal Ethics of Vegetarian Ecofeminism,” in Jinan Journal (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2016(3): 36-42.(《试述素食生态女性主义的动物伦理思想》,《暨南学报》2016年第3期)
  27. “On Alice Munro’s Class Consciousness,” in Foreign Language Education, 2016(3): 70-74.(《艾丽丝•门罗的阶级意识》,《外语教学》2016年第3期)
  28. “The Nation-building Narrative in Alice Munro’s Wilderness Station,” in Journal of Northeastern University (Social Sciences), 2016(3): 325-330.(《艾丽丝•门罗<荒野小站>中的民族国家叙事》,《东北大学学报》2016年第3期)
  29. “The Prison Image in The Heart Goes Last,” in Journal of Hunan University of Science & Technology (Social Science Edition), 2016(3): 40-44.(《论<最后死亡的是心脏>中的监狱意象》,《湖南科技大学学报》2016年第3期)
  30. “Performing animal rights and environmental protection in Farley Mowat’s Never Cry Wolf,” in Eva Hættner Aurelius, He Chengzhou & Jon Helgason, eds., Performativity in Literature, Stockholm: The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, 2016: 199-212.


  1. Margaret Atwood: A Study from the Perspective of Eco-criticism. Shanghai: Acdemic Press,2010.(《生态批评视野中的玛格丽特•阿特伍德》,上海:学林出版社,2010年。)

Honors and Awards

  1. NNU’s “2008 Green-Blue Project,” a program for the training of excellent teachers of Nanjing Normal University;
  2. NNU Teaching Award (2010);
  3. First prize for “2010 National Program of Web-Delivery for Elaborate Courses (College English)” (one of the main lecturers);
  4. First prize for “2011 Jiangsu Province’s university multimedia teaching courseware” (main participator).
  5. Tanslation of Oryx and Crake was awarded the best translation by Science Times in 2004;
  6. Jiangsu Government Scholarship for Overseas Studies in 2006;
  7. Excellent Dissertation Award in the 2nd Canadian Studies Award for Excellent Dissertations in China (2010) for the doctoral dissertation Resistance and Survival: A Thematic Study of Margaret Atwood’s Works;
  8. Special Awards for Canadian Studies (SACS) by Canadian government in 2011;
  9. State Scholarship Fund for Overseas Studies by China Scholarship Council in 2012;
  10. Margaret Atwood: A Study from the Perspective of Eco-criticism was awarded first prize in the 3rd Canadian Studies Award for monographs and translations in China (2012).

Academic Title

  1. Associate Director of Canadian Studies Center, Nanjing Normal University