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Xia Yuan Professor

Research Interests: 
Canadian Studies, Eco-criticism and Postcolonial studies
 Educational Background
  Post doc, School of Foreign Study, Nanjing University (2014-2016)
  PhD, English Language and Literature, Soochow University (2009)
  MA, English Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University (1998)
  BA, English teaching, Soochow University (1995)
  Research Interests: Canadian Studies, Eco-criticism and Postcolonial studies
  Research Projects:
 National Social Science Fund Project: A Study of Margaret Atwood’s Ethical Ideology (2016-2019, project leader)
 Jiangsu Province Social Science Fund Project: Animal Ethics in Contemporary
Canadian Literature (2014-2017, project leader)
 The post-doc fund (first-rate grant): Canadian Literature in the Perspective of
Animal Ethics (2014-2016, project leader)
 Project sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education:
Eco-Consciousness in Canadian Women Writers’Writing (2009-2011, project leader)
 National Social Science Fund Project: A Reserch on Chinese Comparative Literature from the
Perspective of Eco-criticism (2005-2008, main participator)
Journal Articles
1. “The Vivid Embodiment of Aesthetic Literary Criticism: On Oscar Wilde's Comedy,” in Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition), 1997 (4): 82-85.
2. “Cultural Mireading in A Passage to Indian,” in Shandong Foreign Language Journal, 2002 (4): 26-28.
3. “Cultural Conflicts between the East and the West in The Joy Luck Club,” in
Foreign Literature Studies, 2003 (3): 82-85.
4. “Love Reflected in Daniel Steel’s Ransom,” in Translation, 2005 (2): 106-107.
5. “The Adoption of Theatricality from Traditional Chinese Opera in Our Town,” in
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7. “A Retrospect of Margaret Atwood’s 45 Years of Writing,” in Translations, 2007
(5): 206-209.
8. “Ecocriticism: Definition, Development and its Reception in China,” in
Translations, 2008 (1): 218-220.
9. “Multiculturism in Collision,” in Selected Fictions, 2008 (2): 147-148.
10. “Weakness and Strength Combined: A Story with Metaphor,” in Selected
Fictions, 2008 (11): 148.
11. “Looking Back in Order to Face Future: on Alice Munro’s The View from Castle
Rock,” in World Literature: Recent Developments, 2008 (4): 19-22.
12. “A Combination of Greek Theatrical Arts and Modern Film Techniques: on
Margaret Atwood's Play The Penelopiad,” in Film Literature, 2008 (20): 138-139.
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15. “A Review of Alice Munro’s Too Much Happiness,” in World Literature: Recent
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19. “Contemporary Canadian Women Writers in the Context of Post-colonialism,” in
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20. “A Grand Finale of Margaret Atwood’s ‘Post-apocalyptic Trilogy’: MaddAddam,” 
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22. “On the Home Consciousness in Anne Michaels’ The Winter Vault,” in Journal of
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23. “The Animal Ethic of Ecofeminism,” in Journal of Jiangsu University, 2014 (3): 1-8.
24. “Farewell, the Soul of the Wilderness: Mourning for Canadian Environmental Writer Farley Mowat,” in World Literature: Recent Development, 2014(6): 39-40.
25. “A Work of Negotiation---On Margaret Atwood’s Stone Mattress,” in New Perspectives on World Literature, 2015(6): 84-92.
26. “On the Animal Ethics of Vegetarian Ecofeminism,” in Jinan Journal (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2016(3): 36-42.
27. “On Alice Munro’s Class Consciousness,” in Foreign Language Education, 2016(3): 70-74.
28. “The Nation-building Narrative in Alice Munro’s Wilderness Station,” in Journal of Northeastern University (Social Sciences), 2016(3): 325-330.
29. “The Prison Image in The Heart Goes Last,” in Journal of Hunan University of Science & Technology (Social Science Edition), 2016(3): 40-44.
30. “Performing animal rights and environmental protection in Farley Mowat’s Never Cry Wolf,” in Eva Hættner Aurelius, He Chengzhou & Jon Helgason, eds., Performativity in Literature, Stockholm: The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, 2016: 199-212.
31. “The Sexual Predicament in The Heart Goes Last,” in New Perspectives on World Literature, 2016(3): 56-63.
32. “Intertextuality and Dialogicity --- On the Female Writing in Places Far from Ellesmere,” in Russian Literature & Arts, 2017(2): 130-136.
 (《互文性与对话——试论<远离埃尔斯米尔之地>中的女性主义书写》,《俄罗斯文艺》2017      年第2期)
33. “Eco-feminism in Alice Munro’s Southern Ontario Gothic,” in Journal of Jiangsu University, 2017 (3): 45-50.
34. “On the Globalization and Crisis in Oryx and Crake,” in Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages, 2017 (4): 132-138.
35. “The Humanistic Ideas in Margaret Atwood’s Hag-seed,” in New Perspectives on World Literature, 2017 (5):64-71.
  Margaret Atwood: A Study from the Perspective of Eco-criticism. Shanghai: Acdemic
  Honors and Awards
  NNU’s “2008 Green-Blue Project,” a program for the training of excellent teachers
of Nanjing Normal University;
NNU Teaching Award (2010);
First prize for “2010 National Program of Web-Delivery for Elaborate Courses (College English)” (one of the main lecturers);
First prize for “2011 Jiangsu Province’s university multimedia teaching courseware”
(main participator).
  Tanslation of Oryx and Crake was awarded the best translation by Science Times in 2004;
Jiangsu Government Scholarship for Overseas Studies in 2006;
  Excellent Dissertation Award in the 2nd Canadian Studies Award for Excellent
Dissertations in China (2010) for the doctoral dissertation Resistance and Survival: A Thematic Study of Margaret Atwood’s Works;
Special Awards for Canadian Studies (SACS) by Canadian government in 2011;
State Scholarship Fund for Overseas Studies by China Scholarship Council in 2012;
Margaret Atwood: A Study from the Perspective of Eco-criticism was awarded first prize in the 3rd Canadian Studies Award for monographs and translations in China (2012).
  NNU’s “2017 Green-Blue Project,” a reward for the young and middle-aged academic leaders
of Nanjing Normal University.
Academic Title
  Executive director of the Association for Canadian Studies in China (ACSC)
Associate Director of Canadian Studies Center, Nanjing Normal University