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Xiaoxia Sun Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Language processing, “language-music”comparison.
  • Language philosophy, language learning.

Educational Background

PhD, Applied Linguistics, Northeast Normal University (2011)

MA, Linguistics, Liaoning Normal University (2004)

BA, English Language and Literature, Heilongjiang University (2002)

Research Projects

  1. “A Study on Language Mechanism from the Perspective of Language and Music Comparison”. Jiangsu Province Post-doc research funding. 2013-2014. 
  2. “Bilingual and Bimusical: An Investigation into the Comparative Study of the Language and Music”. Funded by Cologne University. 2014-2015
  3. “The Cooperative Learning in the Online Reading”. Funded by JiangSu Foreign Languages and Linguistics Society 
  4. “Language and Music: Comparative Approach to the Study of Language Evolution”, Funded by Social Science Research Foundation of Jiangsu Province, 2016-2019.

Journal Articles

  1. Sun Xiaoxia. , Hancock, R., Bever. T. G. et al., 2016. Processing Relative Clauses in Chinese: Evidence from Event-related Potentials. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics, 39(1): 92-114. 
  2. Sun Xiaoxia. & Seifert, U.  2014. Music Training Facilitates Language Learning. The Journal of Culture and International Languages, (3): 55-57. 
  3. Sun Xiaoxia. 2014. The Application of Implication of Bakhtin’s Theory to Musical Semiotics. Russian Literature & Arts, (4): 113-118. (巴赫金思想内核对音乐符号学的解读和启示,《俄罗斯文艺》2014年第4期:113-118) .
  4. Sun Xiaoxia & Li Baojia, 2014. The Formation of Mental Semantic Field and Its Base. Foreign Language Research, (2):35-44. (心智语义场理论的形成过程及其学术背景,《外语学刊》2014年第2期:35-44.)
  5. Sun Xiaoxia, Xin Bin, & Seifert, U, 2014. Language and Music: The state of the art. Contemporary Linguistics 16(2): 175-185. (语言和音乐:语言认知研究的新视角,《当代语言学》2014年第2期:175-185.)
  6. Sun Xiaoxia. &  Seifert, U.  2013. Where language comes from? – A comparative language evolution between language and music.The Journal of Culture and International Languages. (12): 104-107. 
  7. Sun Xiaoxia, Cheng Xiaoguang, 2013. Generic Sentences and Its Language Application. Foreign Languages Research, (1): 37-41. (指类句和语言运用,《外语研究》2013年第1期:37-41).  
  8. Sun, Xiaoxia, 2013. An Interview with Professor XuShenghuan. Contemporary Foreign Languages Study, (6):6-8.(博闻而体要,广见且善择,《当代外语研究》2013年第6期: 6-8)。 
  9. Sun Xiaoxia, Cheng Xiaoguang, 2012. Evolution of the Philosophy of Mind and Orientation of the Study of Language. Foreign Language Education, (1): 19-22. (心智哲学的演化和语言研究的取向, 《外语教学》2012年第1期:19-22).
  10. Sun Xiaoxia, Cheng Xiaoguang, 2011. A Study on Chinese Relative Clauses Processing. Journal of Northeast Normal University, (5): 84-88. (汉语关系从句加工研究现状及发展, 《东北师范大学学报》2011年第5期:84-88) 
  11. Cheng Xiaoguang, Sun Xiaoxia, 2011. Analysis of Natural Grammar’s Critique Against Generative Grammar. Foreign Languages and Their Teaching, (3): 1-4. (试析“自然语法” 对“生成语法”的批判,《外语与外语教学》2011年第3期:1-4). 
  12. Yu Jianliang, Sun Xiaoxia, 2010. A Study on Uncertainty of Category. Journal of Xi’an International Studies University, (3): 46-49. (论范畴的不确定性- 范畴本质的后现代研究之二, 《西安外国语大学学报》2010年第3期:46-49). 
  13. Sun Xiaoxia. 2017. Musical aptitude and Second Language Learning from Neuroscience Perspective: Retrospect and Prospect. Foreign Language Education, (6): 64-69.


  • Sun Xiaoxia, 2014. The Non-Universality of Subject Relatives Preference. Beijing: World Press Cooperation. 

Honors and Awards

  • Key Teachers of Qing Lan Project of Nanjing Normal University, 2016.