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Xudong Liu Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • International Relations, American Civilization,
  • Teaching English As a Second Language, translation.

Educational Background

PhD, History of International Relations, Nanjing University (2009)

MA, English Language and Literature, Shanghai International Studies University (1998)

BA, English, Anhui Normal University (1993)

Research Projects

  • 2009. “A Study on Reflective Practice and Professional Development of Foreign Language Teachers ”, sponsored by Foreign Language Teaching Research Center of China National Elementary Education Experiment Center (JJWYYB2009092)
  • 2010. “Cultural Strategies for the Design and Translation of English Brand Names”, sponsored by Shanghai Filter Company
  • 2011. “A Study on the Experiential Approach to the Teaching of English Thesis Writing ”, sponsored by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province (2011JSJG466)

Major Journal Articles

  1. “A Study on the Development of the Level and Contents of English Teachers’ Reflection on Their Own Teaching ”, Foreign Language Teaching in Schools, 2010(5)
  2. “On the Resurgence of Universal Ethics in International Politics”, Academics, 2010(11)
  3. “A study on Middle School English Teachers’ Feedback Modes in Classroom Teaching”, Foreign Language Teaching in Schools, 2009(1)
  4. “Seeking Human Coexistence in Security and Survival Dilemma”, Journal of Nanjing University, 2009(11)
  5. “The Power and Clout of Multinational Corporations against the Background of Globalization”, Jianghuai Forum, 2009 (2)
  6. “An Account of the Professional Advancement of a Middle-aged English Teacher”, Foreign Language Teaching in Schools, 2009(5)
  7. “A Research on English Teachers’ Teaching Reflection and Factors Influencing It”, Foreign Language Teaching in Schools, 2009(12)
  8. “The Origin of Postmethods in Foreign Language Teaching”, Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching, 2008(1)
  9. “The Origin of ‘Expansionism’ in American Diplomacy”, Journal of PLA Nanjing Institute of Politics, 2005(6)
  10. “On the Impact of Ideology on Foreign Policies”, Journal of Anhui Normal University, 2005(6)


Authored Book

  • Blending and Transcending: A Study on John Herz’s Thoughts on International Politics, Fudan University Press, 2010

Edited Volumes

  • Writing in English, Nanjing Normal University Press, 2003
  • Cracking CET-6 Reading Comprehension, Shanghai Communication Press, 2003
  • Cracking CET-4 Reading Comprehension, Shanghai Communication Press, 2003

Translated Book

  • 《“兴风作浪”:政治、宣传与日本帝国海军的崛起(1868-1922)》 (Making Waves: Politics, Propaganda, and the Emergence of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1868-1922, by J. Charles Schencking, 2005)(People’s Publishing House, 2016, Chinese Edition, Translator).

Honors and Awards

  • First Prize Award for Advanced English Course in China National Normal Universities’ Competition in Teaching of English Majors in 2010