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Xuehui Liu Professor

Academic Area: 
Second language acquisition; EFL pedagogy; Language teacher cognition development


PhD, Educational psychology, Institute of Psychology, Beijing Normal University(2007)

M.Ed, English Curriculum and Instruction, Institute of Education, East China Normal University (1986)

BA, English, Huanyin Teachers College (1981)

Research projects(completed or in process after 2010):

  • Psycho-linguistic and socio-cultural perspectives integrated: Classroom-discourse-analysis approach to SLA study  (a project from Jiangsu Provincial Social-science Foundation Program, 2008-2011)
  • Research on the lesson-study approach to EFL teacher learning and PCK development(a project form National Education Research Program of the 12th Five-Year Plan, 2013 -2016)

Journal articles (in part ):

  1. Liu,X.H.,2011,Classroom L2 learning: The socio-cultural perspective,  Curriculum,Materials and Instruction, Issue No.7 / 社会文化视角下的二语课堂和语言习得《课程、教材、教法》2011(7)
  2. Liu,X.H.& Zhu,Q.,2010,The effect of recast on EFL learner oral English development:The case of tense agreement. Foreign Languages and Foreign Language Teaching,Issue No.5 / 重铸式纠错与EFL学习者口语发展——一项针对时态一致性的实验研究,《外语与外语教学》2010(5)
  3. Liu,X.H.& Qian,W.W., 2007, Negotiated interaction and immediate output: Exploring micro-process of classroom L2 learning,Foreign Languages and Foreign Language Teaching ,Issue No.11 / 协商互动与即时输出:课堂语言学习探微,《外语与外语教学》2007(11)
  4. Liu,X.H.2006,Construction, analysis and utility of Corpus of EFL student-teacher classroom language, Electrified Instruction of Foreign Languages, Issue No./ 英语师范生课堂话语的建库、分析与应用,《外语电化教学》2006(5)
  5. Liu,X.H. & Shen,J.L, 2006, Teacher learning: Analytic dimensions and research progress, Global Education Outlook, Issue No.8 / 教师学习的分析维度与研究综述, 《全球教育展望》2008(8)
  6. Liu,X.H.,2004, Setting the mechanism of reflective teaching for EFL teachers' development,  Curriculum,Materials and Instruction,Issue No.12/ 建立反思教学为核心的英语教师发展机《课程教材教法》2004(12)
  7. Liu,X.H.& Zhao,G.X.,2004,Classroom negotiation and learner participation, Journal of Asia TELF, Vol.1, No.1