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Xuezhi Song Professor

Research Interests: 
Translation, French literature

Educational Background:

PhD, French Literature, Nanjing University (2006)

BA, French language and literature, Nanjing University (1983)



Research Projects:

Chinese Education Ministry, The National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Project: The Study on Fulei and the Translation of Classic literature[201013], 2010.01-2014.12, Done;

The National Social Science Foundation of China, General Project: The Study on the Chinese translation of Classic French Literature[12BWW041], 2012.06-2017.06, Done.


Journal Articles:

The Perspective of Humanities in Fu Lei’s Translation Studies, in Chinese Translators Journal 2017(4).

Problems and reflection in the research of Translated Literary Canons, in FOREIGN LANGUAGE RESEARCH 2017(1).

Debates and reflections on the Studies of Fu Leis Translations, in Journal of Foreign Languages 2016(6).

What is Translated Literary Classic? in Chinese Translators Journal 2015(1).

  Spiritual and artistic pursuit of literary translation –On the manuscripts of Fulei’s translation of Le Cure de Tours in Foreign Language Teaching and Research 2013(5).

FOU: A New Concept of Teaching French as a Second Language in France, in FOREIGN LANGUAGE RESEARCH 2011(6).

The Art of Fu Lei’s Translation of Conversation---A Case of Fu Lei’s Translation of Le Curé de Tours, in Foreign Language Education 2010(6).

The birth of a Classic of Literary Translation, in Chinese Translators Journal 2006(5).

On the Essence of Fu Lei Spirit and Its Current Significance, in Journal of Foreign Languages 2006(5)

Faithfulness is translator’s vocation, in Chinese Translators Journal 2000(6).



L’influence et la réception du canon de littérature traduite, Shanghai Yiwen press 2006.


Honors and Awards:

Chinese Education Ministry: The National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertations[2008], Independent;

Jiangsu Provincial Government: Social Science Research’s first reward in the 11th Jiang Province Contest[2011], The second participant.


Academic Title:

French teaching guidance sub-committeemember of Chinese Education Ministry

Translation theory and teaching committee member of China Translation Association

The Vice President of Nanjing Translators’ Association.

TheConsultant of Fulei cultural center at Pudong, Shanghai.



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