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Yu Zhang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Translation theory and practice; Translation Teaching

Educational Background

PhD, English Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University (2013)

MA, English Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University (2001)

BA, English Language and Literature, Nanjing University, (1993)

Research Project

  1. General Rhetoric Approach to Literature Translation and Cross-cultural Influence(“广义修辞学视域下的文学翻译与跨文化影响研究”)(2012SJB740017)。

 Journal Articles

  1. Power Discourses Controlling Reader Reception(“权力话语下的读者接受”)in Foreign Languages And Their Teaching(《外语与外语教学》)(2001.2)
  2. Translation as Constrained by Power and Discourse (“权力话语制约下的翻译活动”) in Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages(《解放军外国语学院学报》)(2001.5)
  3. The Future of Translation Teaching in China in the Era of Globalization(“全球化时代的中国翻译教学走向”) in Foreign Language World(《外语界》)(2003.1)
  4. General Rhetoric Approach to Translation Studies in Post-deconstructionist Era( “广义修辞学与后解构主义时代的翻译研究”) in Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages(《解放军外国语学院学报》)(2010.6)
  5. An ERP Study on the Semantic Priming of  Familiar and Unfamiliar Chinese Idioms: One of the Cognitive Researches on the Representation and Comprehension of  Idioms(“熟悉与不熟悉成语语义启动的事件相关电位研究——熟语表征和理解的认知研究之一”)in Foreign Languages Research(外语研究)(2012.1)
  6. Historical Origins and Academic Trend of Western Philosophy and Rhetoric(“西方哲学与修辞学的历史渊源和学术走向“)in Journal of Nanchang University(南昌大学学报)(2012.5)


The Rhetorical Approach to Translation Studies(《翻译的修辞学研究》)by Nanjing University Press(南京大学出版社)(2013.12)