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Yuan Zhang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
American Studies; American Literature

Educational background

  Educational Background Educational Background Educational BackgrPhD, American Studies, Nanjing Normal University (2007)

MA, Comparative Literature, Nanjing Normal University (2003)

BA, English, Fuzhou University (1996)

Research Projects

  1. 2008. Puritan Influence on American Culture, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (0805076  08SJD7200009)
  2. 2014. Puritan Influence on the Establishment of the United States,Social Science Funding Project in Jiangsu Province,(14LSB004)

Journal Articles

  1. “Reflection on Individualism: Emerson vs Confucius” Journal of Nanjing Normal University 2012(3).
  2. “A Study on American Petition Tradition from Occupying Wall Street”Shanghai Book Review 2011 (11).
  3. “The Scarlet Letter: a Birth Certificate of a New Civilization”Master 2010 (5).
  4. “Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening” Social Sciences Tribune 2010(18).
  5. “The Membership of the Puritan Churches in New England and Its Transformation” Social Sciences Tribune 2010(7).
  6. “Puritan Influence on Early American Education” Educational Criticism 2010(2).
  7. “Education in Accordance with Individual Differences: Thinking on Reformation of Modern Educational System” China Adult Education 2009(11).
  8. “To Free the Individual from the Oppressive Misuse of Power, from the Tyranny of the State: a Study on the Spirit of the American Revolution” Shanghai Review of Books, Oriental Morning Post 2009(16).
  9. “When could We Be ‘On the Road’” Social Sciences Tribune 2009(2).
  10. “Cultural Study on Translation Teaching” Journal of Nanjing Normal University 2008(5)
  11. “The Main Beliefs of the American Society” Impact of Science on Society 2008(1).
  12. “Theology of Covenant: the Mental Mechanism of the Localization of Puritan Immigrants” Social Sciences Tribune 2007(12).
  13. “Sacvan Bercovitch and His Study on Puritanism” Recent Developments of the World Literature 2007(2).
  14. “A Duel of Ethical Standards: Benjamin Franklin vs. David Herbert Lawrence” Social Sciences Tribune 2007(3).
  15. “Ralph Waldo Emerson: A Prophet of American Civilization” Journal of Chongqing Normal University 2007(2).


  1. American Gene:the Secularization of the Puritan Society in New England, Central Compilation & Translation Press,Beijing, 2016

Books translated

  1. Tagore, crescent, and the gardener, translated and commented, Central Compilation & Translation Press,Beijing, 2013.
  2. Elizabeth Barrett Browning ,Sonnets from the Portuguese, translated and commented, Central Compilation & Translation Press,Beijing, 2015.
  3. David D. Hall, A Reforming People: Puritanism and the Transformation of Public Life in New England, translated,Yilin Press, 2016.


  1. Western Civilization: Minds, Cultures and People, ed. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2015.