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Yuhong Liu Professor

Research Interests: 
Cognitive Linguistics, Functional Linguistics, Language Philosophy, Semantics, Pragmatics, Neurolinguistics etc.


Educational Background
PhD, Linguistics, Fudan University (2003)

MA, Linguistics , Hunan University (1994)

BA, English and Linguistics, Hunan University of Humanity, Science and Technology (1987)

Journal Articles

  1. Multiple Metaphorical Systems Based on Wuxing (Five Activity) Theory. (Co-author). Journal of Chongqing Normal University. 2015(3).
  2. Psychological Aspects of Emotion Metaphors and Their Cultural Triggers. (Co-author). Chongqing Social Sciences. 2015(6).
  3. Bidirectionality of Metaphoric Mapping in the Perspective of Career of Metaphor. Journal of Foreign Languages and Literature. 2015(1).
  4. Metaphorical Specificity of Parables and Perplexities in the Interpretation of Parable-type Metaphors: a Case Study of Buddhist Script Baiyujing and New Testament. Journal of Language Education. 2014(1).
  5. Bidirectional Evidence of Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Mahayana Buddhism: an Analysis of Time Metaphors Based on Space. Journal of Wutaishan.2014(1).
  6. Polyphony Music, Polyphony Fiction and Polyphony Translation: an Analysis of Shanghai Expo's Slogan Translation. Russian Art and Literature. 2014(1). 
  7. Metaphorical Foundations of Family Resemblance in Sport Types. Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching and Research. 2014(3). 
  8. An ERP approach to thematic hierarchies regarding grammatical objects of the Chinese verbChi (eat)》.Language Sciences 2013(40):36--44.
  9. Structural Features of Functions in Long Narratives: a Case Study Based on Liu Dihong’s Long Fiction Drifting. Russian Art and Literature. 2013(1).
  10. Meaning of Ditransitive Construction: from the Perspective of Unaccusativization and Unergativization. Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching and Research. 2013(2).
  11. Stepping out of the Case of Language: an Analysis of Language Control in 1984. Journal of Shandong Foreign Language Teaching.2012(6).
  12. The Rationale of Saussurean Dual Structure: with Concurrent Comparison between Saussurean Semiology and Peircean Semiotics. Russian Art and Literature. 2012(1).
  13. Reconsidering the Futility of Education in Current China. Higher Education Research. 2012(5).
  14. Three-Stage Interaction Model of Lexicon-Syntax Interface,Journal of Foreign Languages and Literature. 2012(2).
  15. Mathematical Analysis of Metaphor Structures. (Eds.) Researches on Rhetorics.(Vol.II). Higher Education Press. 2012.
  16. Semantic Motivations of Chinese Coinage PK. Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching and Research. 2012(2).
  17. Non-verbal Metaphors of Speed Marking in Household Electric Fans. Journal of Foreign Languages. 2011(5).
  18. Origin of the Embarressment in Chinese Nominalization Researches and Its Solution. Journal of Foreign Languages and Literature. 2011(6).
  19. Asymmetrical Conceptual Feature Substitution in Metaphorization. Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching and Research. 2011(1).
  20. From Case Grammar to Frame Semantics and Further to Construction Grammar. Journal of the PLA Foreign Languages University. 2011(1).
  21. Interface Between Lexical Semantics and Syntax in Generative Grammar. Journal of Foreign Language Studies.. 2011(5). 
  22. Reviews on the Studies of Lexical Semantics and Syntax. Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching and Research. 2011(2).
  23. Chinese Senior High School Students’Semantic Selections in the Use of Articles. Chinese Foreign Language Education. 2011(3).
  24. Lexicon and Syntax Interface: a Perspective from Case. Contemporary Foreign Language. 2010(4).
  25. Three Models in the Researches of Lexical Meaning and Syntax Interface. Foreign Languages and Foreign Language Teaching. 2010(6).
  26. Semiotic Interpretation of Metaphors in the Representation of Speed Swithches of Electric Fans, Chinese Semiotic Studies,2010(1).
  27. A Critical Study of Thematic Theory in Generative Grammar. Journal of Foreign Languages and Literature. 2010(2).
  28. Merits and Demerits of Language. Shandong Foreign Language Teaching.2007(5). 
  29. War Metaphors in Contemporary Chinese. Language Teaching and Research. 2007(3).
  30. Simulation of Chinese Four-Character Idioms Viewed from Construction Grammar. Journal of PLA Foreign Language University. 2007(5).
  31. Bakhtin’s Dialogue Theory and the Semantics of Clause. China Foreign Language Researches. 2006(3).
  32. A Review of R.W. Langacker’s Cognitive Grammar. Foreign Language Research. 2005(3).
  33. Philosophical Studies of Conceptual Metaphors. Journal of Foreign Languages.2005(3).
  34. A Cognitive Linguistic Interpretation of the Craze of Young Pop Song Fans. Journal of Sichuan Foreign Languages University. 2005(5).
  35. Post-Modernist Features of Cognitive Linguistics. Journal of Tianjing Foreign Languages University. 2005(1).
  36. A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis of the Theory of Description. Journal of Foreign Languages Studies. 2004(1)
  37. Mental Space and Pragmatic Disambiguation Strategies. Journal of Contemporary Linguistics. 2003(2).
  38. A Study of Congruence. Journal of Foreign Languages. 2001(6).
  39. Methodological Shifts in the Researches of Anaphoric Expressions.
  40. Is Memetics an Independent School of Science? Journal of Foreign Languages and Literature.2006(3).
  41. Defects of Cognitive Linguistics. Journal of Shandong Foreign Language Teaching. 2006(5).
  42. The Karttunen Model and the Fauconnier Model in the Study of Pragmatic Presuppositions. Journal of Foreign Language Studies.2003(6).
  43. A Prototypicality Study of Chomskyan Grammars. Journal of Foreign Languages and Foreign Language Teching. 2002(8).
  44. A Typological Study of Anaphoric Relations. Journal of Foreign Language Teaching. 2003(5).
  45. Mental Space Theory and Lexical Ambiguities. Journal of Foreign Language Studies.. 2002(1).
  46. A Multiple Cognitive Study of Demonstratives. Journal of Foreign Language Studies. 2002(4).
  47. Structural Representation of Event Frames and Its Translation. Journal of Shandong Foreign Language Teaching. 2005(1).
  48. Reality Representation, Psychological Representation and Language Representation. Journal of Xiangtan University. 2005(1). 

Research Projects

  1. 2013, General Project of Humanities and Social Science Research of Ministry of Education, " Metaphorical Specificity of Parables in Buddhist Script Baiyujing and Interpretation Model of Parable-type Metaphors " (13YJA740038);
  2. 2008, National Social Science Fund, "Bidirectional Interactions in the Interface of Lexical Meaning and Syntax" (08BYY070);
  3. 2005, Hunan Provincial General Project of Social Science Research, "Studies on Neuro-Cognitive Linguistics" (05BR29).


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  2. Practical Handbook of English Academic Writing, Beijing Foreign Trade and Economy University Press. May, 2014.
  3. Language Philosophy and Philosophy in Language, Nanjing University Press. January, 2014.
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  10. Moby Dick. (Translated). Yanshan Press. August, 2002. 
  11. Cults in Our Midst. (Translated). Human People’s Press. June,2006.

Academic Title

  1. One of the “100 Talents of Philosophical and Social Scientific Researches” (Hunan Province, 2004).
  2. One of the “New Century 121 Talent Project” (Hunan Province, 2005).


  • Phone: +86-25-52767075.
  • Cellular: 15151873276.
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