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Zhiyi Zhang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
British Romanticism; Formal Syntax

Educational Background

PhD, English Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University (2012)

MA, English Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University (2004)

BA, English Language and Literature, Anhui Normal University (2001)

Research Projects

  1. Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Science Project "The    Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Basic Syntactic Operation "”(13YJC740144) (2013-2016)(some of the important ones)
  2. Zhiyi Zhang (2003) The recovery of subjectivity - a Lacanian perspective of Wordsworthian Poetics  Journal of Tianjin Foreign Languages and Cultures University . 2003/02
  3. Zhiyi Zhang(2004) Speech Act Theory and Wordsworthian Poetics- an Attempt of Round Criticism  Foreign Languages Research . 2004/02
  4. Zhiyi Zhang(2004) The Analysis of the Drowning Episode in Wordsworth " Prelude"  Journal of Sichuan Foreign Languages and Cultures University. 2004/06
  5. Zhiyi  Zhang(2004) The Antinomies of Wordsworthian Poetics - a Case Study of "Old Cumberland Beggar" Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages. 2004/08
  6. Zhiyi  Zhang (2007) Tintern Abbey - the Absence of History and Nature   Foreign Literatures Research. 2007/09
  7. Zhiyi  Zhang (2011) On the Theoretical Shortcomings of Chomskyan Language Faculty Theory Journal of Yangzhou University. 2011/10
  8. Zhiyi    Zhang (2012)  The  Cognitive  Syntactic Study on Chinese Structure of "chishitang" (Eat the Dining Hall)   Journal of Yunnan Normal University .2012/03
  9. Zhiyi   Zhang (2012) The Definite Effect of the English existential Sentences and Its Derivation   Foreign Languages and Foreign Languages Teaching. 2012/04
  10. Zhiyi   Zhang (2012) The Cognitive and Semantic Differences between English Ditransitive and Dative Structures    Journal of Anhui University .2012/04
  11. Zhiyi   Zhang (2013)  The Semantic and Syntactic Study of Light Verbs and Chinese Special Cases   Foreign Languages Teaching. 2013/02
  12. Zhiyi    Zhang (2013)  A Short Analysis of Merge Order     Theory and Practice in Language Teaching  .  2013/09
  13. Zhiyi    Zhang (2013) An Tentative Semiotic Study of the Three Performing Systems Over the World  Russian Literature & Arts. 2013/10
  14. Zhiyi    Zhang (2014) An Experimental Study to Testify the Existence of Move   Journal of Language Teaching and Research. 2014/05
  15. Zhiyi   Zhang (2014)  The Pragmatic Study of the Double Reflexives: A Discussion with Professor Weit-Tian Dylan Tsai  Foreign Language Teaching and Research . 2014/03
  16. Zhiyi  Zhang (2014)  The Comparative Study of Polarity Particles in Neg-questions in Chinese, English and Italian   Journal of Xi’an International Studies University.  2014/12
  17. Zhiyi  Zhang (2015)  The Study of the Voice Mismatch Ellipsis  Foreign Languages and Their Teaching. 2015/10
  18. Zhiyi  Zhang (2015) The High and Low Applicatives in Chinese and Their Applications from the Perspective of G Parameter  Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages. 2015/10
  19. Zhiyi    Zhang (2015) The Generative and Functional Language Evolution Theory From the Perspectives of Saussure and Bakhtin Semiotic Studies  Russian Literature & Arts. 2015/10
  20. Zhiyi  Zhang(2016) The Syntactic and Semantic Study of PRO and Its Cross Language Variation Based on the Comparative Study of Empty Categories  Foreign Language Learning Theory and Practice. 2016/03


  1. The Syntactic Studies of Special Sentence Structures (to be published)
  2. To be the most beautiful self (translated work,  South East University Press 2007)
  3. How to write scientifically (translated work, to be published)

Honors and Awards

  1. The young backbone teacher of Nanjing Normal University (2012)
  2. The leading youth talents of Nanjing Normal University (2016)