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Introduction to the School

The School of Social Development can be traced back to elective courses of history and geography of Liangjiang Excellent Normal Institute in 1907. Since then the discipline of History remains fundamental to normal universities and colleges. In 1982, the Department of History was established and then in 2000 the School of Social Development was organized based upon the Department of History and the Department of Social Work.

The School currently includes three departments: History, Cultural Heritage and Museology, and Sociology and Social Work; four first-level subjects: Chinese History, Archaeology, World History, and Sociology with two mobile post-doctoral research centers in Chinese History and Archaeology. We also contain one first-level key discipline of Jiangsu Province as Chinese History, one research institute for provincial policy consulting as Jiangsu Urban and Rural Integration Research Center, and one co-founded laboratory of central and local governments (Ministry of Finance of China and Jiangsu Provincial Government) as Social Work Laboratory.

Within our faculty, we obtain three members in the Teaching Steering Committee of Ministry of Education of China, respectively in the majors of History, Sociology, and Ethnology; two experts as consultants to the Jiangsu provincial policies and one consulting members of Nanjing Municipal Government.


We offer five undergraduate programs: History, Cultural Heritage and Museology, Sociology, Social Work, and Cultural Industry Management; two doctoral programs of first-level subjects: Chinese History and Archaeology; two master’s programs of first-level subjects: Sociology and World History; two professional master’s programs: Social Work and Cultural Heritage and Museology; one master program of a second-level subject under a first-degree subject of Public Administration: Social Security.


Research strengths of the school include Social and Economic History of China, Cultural History of Six Dynasties, History of Anti-Japanese War, and Dunhuang Historical Documents within Chinese History; Archaeological Excavation and Fieldwork, Authentication and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, and Museology within Archaeology; Ancient Greek Civilization, and European History of Industrialization within World History; Contemporary New Rural Construction, New Urbanization, and the Urban-Rural Relationship within Sociology; as well as practical research projects focusing on Community Construction and Junior Social Work within Social Work.   


Meanwhile, the School fulfills the qualification of Archaeological Team Leader authorized by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China, which means we can organize and direct archaeological excavations.  



Dean’s Word


We have been preparing confident and competent professionals in History, Archaeology, and Sociology with our mission to professional training, scientific research, social service, and cultural leading.

Welcome historical, archaeological, and sociological experts both home and abroad to join us!

Look forward to working with young students to make our school a better place to live, to learn, and to grow.