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A High Level of Historical Work ——Critical Biography of Zhan Tianyou written by Jing Shenghong

Zhan Tianyou (1861-1919), is one of the earliest foreign students in modern times, the pioneer of China's modern railway industry, the forerunner of science and technology, the great patriot. Critical Biography of Zhan Tianyou, written by Jing Shenghong, the professor of Nanjing Mormal University, vividly describes the tortuous and brilliant life of Zhan Tianyou, modifies some mistakes in previous works.

Through this book,we can know Zhan Tianyou's patriotism, science and education and talent management thought, ideological, political and ethical thoughts. As a high level of historical work, this book based on the collection and research of historical materials, so it is worthy of promotion.