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Academic Events

Lecture of Story-telling as a Sociological Method: Taking Sex Research as an Example was held by Department of Sociology and Social Work

Dr. Huang Yingying, associate professor of School of Sociology and Population Studies, director of Institute of Sex-Study, at Renmin University of China, gave a lecture on Story-telling as a Sociological Method, on Dec. 13, 2018. The lecture was chaired by Dr. Wang Xiaotao, head of Department of Sociology and Social Work, and Dr. Hua Juxiang, professor of Department of Sociology and Social Work.


Dr. Huang took her studies of female sex workers as the example to discuss the story-telling in Sociology. To break dont want to say as well as want to say badly, Dr. Huang just suggested to pay more attention on pre-supposition and try to understand the respondents with emic approach. Powers and contexts were underlined in the field-work, and it would be interesting to deal with the conflicts and answer-changing in the process of interview.

Dr. Hua tried to dialogue with Dr. Huang with her own research experience, stressing to understand the respondents just standing in their positions. And the lecture ended after a ask and answer session with students.