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Academic Events

Mr. Li Zhanteng's new book "in memory of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre Volume II" was successfully held in our college

December 5,2019, PM Session Mr. Lee chin-teng's new book, "in memory of the victims of the Nanking Massacre II" , was successfully held in the conference room of building 400 on the campus of the Nanjing Normal University. Professor Zhang Lianhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Nanjing Normal University and head of the Propaganda Department, former deputy director of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Wang Weimin, and Professor Sheng Hong of the Nanjing Normal University, professor Wang Xiqing of the Nanjing Artillery College, Ding Jin, deputy director of the Institute of Administrative Science of Jiangsu Province, Hao Zhibo, member of the Standing Committee of the all-china Federation of students and chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Students, and Mr. Li Zhanteng, editor-in-chief of the new book, attended the seminar More than 20 media representatives and post-graduate students from the School of Social Development attended the ceremony. Professor Zhang Lianhong hosted the seminar.

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Zhang Lianhong introduced Mr. Li Zhanteng's research direction, academic background and so on. Li Zhanteng is also director of the First Sino-Japanese War, political associate of the Equipment Department of a division of the Liaoning Reserve Infantry, and visiting professor of several universities. He has long been devoted to the study of Chinese traditional culture, modern history and Marxist theory, and has held many charity sales of Chinese paintings. He is the founder of the Wei Min painting school He is the author of such books as anti Japanese thoughts and essays in memory of the victims of the Nanking Massacre.

Li Zhanteng gave a detailed introduction to the collation process and specific contents of the second collection of essays in memory of the Nanking Massacre Victims. This collection is edited by Li Zhanteng and published by Jilin literature and history Publishing House. The book is the culmination of nearly three years of scholarly work at the Nanking Massacre Symposium in memory of the victims. The conference, organized by Li Zhanteng, has been held in Shenyang for eight consecutive years It has collected more than 100 articles by experts, scholars and related personnel from home and abroad who study the history of the Nanking Massacre, and published two academic achievements.

Subsequently, the presence of the experts and scholars respectively expressed their views. Professor Zhang Lianhong fully recognized the efforts made by Mr. Li Zhanteng and believed that the symposium on mourning for the victims of the Nanking Massacre was of positive significance to the promotion of Nanking Massacre Research. Mr Wang gave a brief account of the development of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, praising the model of combining public sacrifice with scholarship. Professor Jing Shenghong believes that the publication of the new book is conducive to academic transmission and further promotes the study of Nanking Massacre by Young Scholars. Professor Wang Xiqing believed that along with the related research thorough development, is helpful to carry on the Patriotic Education to the young people.In the interactive session, Li Zhanteng presented the new book to the participants.

In the interactive session, Li Zhanteng presented the new book to the participants. Finally, Professor Zhang Lianhong, on behalf of the teachers and students of Nanjing Normal University, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Li Zhanteng. In the field personnel's warm applause, this new book exchange meeting successfully concluded.