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Academic Events

Ms. Xiangqun Chang from London University has been invited to give a lecture

On October 26th, 2016, Ms. Xiangqun Chang, Researcher at School of Oriental and African Studies, London University and Header of the World Comparative Research Center, is invited by our school to deliver a 2-hour academic speech at our university, entitled “Polishing the Conceptual Tools of China to Contribute to the Human Intellectual System”. With her about 100 publications in both Chinese and English, Ms. Chang demonstrates her combination of the theory of “Reciprocity (lishang wanglai)” with the research on social practice to discuss the social studies in China how to contribute to the overall human intellectual system. From her long-term fieldworks, she updates Xiaotong Fei’s famous concept “the Pattern of Difference Sequence” and the fold usage of “Reciprocity”.

Trained in sociology in both China and the United Kingdom, Ms. Chang conducts inter-disciplinary researches in sociology, social anthropology and Chinese studies. She starts the Chinese comparative studies and leads the field, which turns her into an intellectual entrepreneur and intellectual capitalist. In October, 2014, she has been awarded the “Mulan Prize” from the Mulan Foundation of the United Kingdom as an excellent female in the world.