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Academic Events

NNU’s youth in “The First Museology Forum of Young Scholars”

From October 21 to 22,2017,“The First Museology Forum of Young Scholars”was held in Shandong University.professor Xiangguang Song in Beijing University,professor Jixiang Shi in Jilin University and professor Jiansong Lu in Zhejiang University and many senior scholars were invited to be present as special guests.What’s more, 65 students from 23 universities and reaserch istitution  and hongbo net were attended in this forum. Nanjing Normal University’s teacher Yang Huang,students Rui Zhang and Daimeng Sun were invited to took part.Rui Zhang made a 15 minute lecture about her paper:“Synecdoche’s Dialectic Application in Museum from the Psychology  Persective of‘Figure-Ground’Theory”,mixed the museum information communication with psychology and narratology,gave a special perspective about museum’s exhibition language.Daimeng Sun made a exhibition board about her paper: “Analysis on the patterns of museum collaborative exhibition”,basing on many famous exhibiton exemples in China recently,she introduced a original exhibition mechanism which is deserved spread widely.As one of the special guest,Our school’s extending young teacher Yang Huang  gave valuable comments and to young student,his suggestion to juniors in museology was beyond practical and prescious.

   In this forum,20 students from many universities reported their academic research achievement in the history and theory about museology, museum display and research,cultural products and museum network,education and communication about museum information,publicity and spirit areas.Beside,the formu’s academic salon gave students and teachers a stage to have a discussion.Nanjing Normal University’s cultural relics and museology major rank in the front row,our school’s students paper and performance receieved high evaluation in this activity,which showed our student’s excellent level in academic research and innovation.This forum let the academia hear the voice of young scholars as well as saw much possible and expectation.