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Academic Events

Our institute invited six experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Xiamen University and Shanxi University to come to the consultation and guidance meeting for the discipline construction of our college

On the evening of November 9, 2019, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Wei Mingkong, Gao Chaoqun, Zhu Hengpeng, Wei Zhong, four professors, Xiamen University Professor Zhang Heping, and Professor Liu Jiansheng of Shanxi University were invited to come to our hospital, in Building 213, Building No. 400 The conference room, with the teachers Zhang Jin, Li Hengquan, Zhang Jing, Wang Zhilong, Liu Longyu, Ni Zhengchun, Zhang Wenjing, Shao Junmin, Xue Haibo, Xie Kaijian, Luo Qiyi and other teachers, on the history, current situation, future of China's economic history research and Nanshi The further development of the discipline of economic history in Greater China has been deeply exchanged.

At the meeting, the experts gave specific guidance on the development of the subject of China's economic history at Nanjing Normal University. At the same time, experts have given detailed guidance on the issues related to the submission and publication of academic papers. At the meeting, the experts conducted a lively and in-depth discussion on the hot issues related to the study of Chinese economic history and the teachers of our school. After the meeting, the teachers of our school unanimously expressed that they have benefited a lot and benefited a lot.