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Academic Events

Professor Li Hengquan gave a speech about the family inheritance in Qin and Han Dynasties

In June 9, 2017, School of social development Nanjing Normal University held an academic seminar in SuiyuanCampus . Professor, doctoral supervisor of school of social development gave a speech From bamboo slips the Qin and Han Dynasties family inheritance’.Professor Guo Aimin and Pan Sheng took part in the discussion. Mr. Li told his classmates to read as many books as possible, to broaden your horizons. Only in this way, we will understand history more realistically. Later, three teachers exchangedtheir views on family inheritance’.Professor Guo Aimin introduced the issue of family inheritance in Western Europe in the middle ages, and compared it with that of the Qin and Han Dynasties. Professor Pan Shengalso made a comparative analysis of family inheritancebetween Qin and Han Dynasties and Tang and song dynasties.