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Academic Events

Professor Lin Tongfa Gave a Lecture on “Key Factors of the Critical Age”

On the afternoon of June 25, 2019, at the invitation of Professor Qi Chunfeng and Associate Professor Yan Haijian of the College of Social Development, Professor Lin Tongfa, Department of History of Fu Jen Catholic University of Taiwan, conducted a lecture entitled Key Factors of the Critical Age in the conference room 213 of Building 400 of the School of Social Development. Postgraduates majoring in modern Chinese history participated in the lecture.

Professor Lin introduced the programs and plans formulated by the Central Design Bureau before receiving demobilization of the National Government. Secondly, he reviewed in detail the concrete progress of demobilization and various corruption and prevarication phenomena in the process of demobilization. Finally, combining with the change of American policy toward China, he analyzed the choice of the national government's policy toward Japan in the process of demobilization and related considerations from a more macroscopic perspective of international relations.

In the interactive question-and-answer session, Professor Lin patiently answered the students' questions on the spot, affirmed their active academic exploration, and encouraged the students present to be brave in exploring, innovating and striving based on their predecessors, and reaching the peak. In the end, Professor Lin warned students that in the process of academic research, we must get rid of the stereotype of preconception and always remember that the winner of history has the right to speak, but this does not represent historical facts. To do research, we must go back to the scene of history and put ourselves in a position to think. EditorCui Zhuolin