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Academic Events

Professor Wang Yuqing: The Origin of Stein and the Silk Road Archaeology

On the morning of April 23, 2019, at the invitation of Prof. Li Tianshi, Professor Wang Yuqing, a professor and doctoral tutor of the Dunhuang Institute of Lanzhou University, gave a lecture entitled Stein and the Silk Road to the 213 conference room of Building 400 of the School of Social Development. .

Teacher Wang Yuqing began with Stein's background and detailed his life. Stein was born in the Jews and believed in Christianity since childhood. Stein has received his Ph.D. from the University of Vienna in Austria, the University of Leipzig in Germany and the University of Tübingen. There are three spiritual idols in his life, namely Alexander the Great, Xuanzang and Marco Polo. For the first half of his life, he decided to return to the path of Xuan Zang's westbound journey. In the latter half of his life, he chose to take the path of Alexander the Great's expedition because he was expelled from the Chinese government. He has been to China five times, including four visits to Central Asia and one experience of coming to Nanjing via Shanghai, with the aim of negotiating with the National Government for permission to visit. Teacher Wang Yuqing gave a detailed account of Stein's four-time Central Asian study tour experience and his contacts with local residents. He also introduced the process of Stein's negotiations with Nanjing National Government officials. These introductions include a large number of facts that have been learned through his own detailed examinations. Teacher Wang collected all the Stein diaries and a large number of precious photo materials. It is with the use of these materials that Mr. Wang was able to have such a detailed and in-depth understanding of Stein’s life. Teacher Wang said that he also regarded Stein as his idol. He was interested in Stein's research from the time of undergraduate study, and he has been re-trading the path that Stein has traveled all over the world for many years. He also suggested that if you want to do Stein's research, you must read the first-hand information in English, but you can't use domestic translation, otherwise it will probably cause a lot of misunderstanding.

Professor Li Tianshi summarized the lectures in the past three hours. He believes that learning is like Professor Wang Yuqing. He has determined and can persist in it, and can abandon other interferences in order to achieve achievements that are recognized at home and abroad.