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Academic Events

School of Social Development Held Sino-Japanese Academic Lecture on Social Welfare

On November 3rd, School of Social Development held an academic lecture titled "Social Welfare in the Aging Era". The school invited Professor Toyota Kenji from Kumamoto Gakuen University in Japan. Based on his life experience and many years of research in Japan, Professor Toyota explained how to combine medical treatment, nursing service and social welfare in the aging era.

At the opening, Professor Guangfei Yang from Nanjing Normal University gives a brief introduction to the current situation of Japan's aging society. At the same time, he also points out that the proportion of the elderly in China has also risen in recent years. Therefore, Professor Yang stresses that both domestic innovation and international vision are needed to solve problems arising from the aging society.

Professor Toyota gives a speech on his understanding of social welfare. In his view, the concept of social welfare is divided into broad and narrow sense, namely, social system and social organization. According to Japan's national conditions, that is, Japanese longevity, Professor Toyota believes that although longevity is a good thing to individual, it has negative effects to the society such as heavy burden on young workforce and an increase in medical expenses.

Besides, Professor Toyota introduces Japan's modes of providing pensions, which are nursing homes, home care and day service. He mentions that nursing homes can allow the elderly to work together, develop hobbies and get better care. In particular, he refers to utensils, which he believes can be used to achieve one-man activities without much help. Most importantly, he mentions that the key to nursing service lies in respecting personalities of the elderly. In this way, they maintain self-esteem.

In the end, Professor Toyota hopes that more scholars will jointly study social welfare and welcomes students to study in Japan in the future. The Lecture helps students broaden their horizons and enhances their academic interest. It also promotes international exchange and academic construction of School of Social Development.