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Academic Events

The school of social development held an academic lecture on "the current situation of the late Qing Dynasty from the perspective of global history"

At the invitation of the school of social development of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Zhong Weimin, Department of history, Tsinghua University, gave an academic lecture entitled "the late Qing Dynasty situation in the global history perspective" in conference room 213, building 400, Suiyuan campus on the afternoon of November 14. The faculty and graduate students of the school actively participated in the lecture. This lecture was presided over by Qi Chunfeng, President of the Institute of social development.

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Zhong Weimin put forward his long-term experience in studying the history of the late Qing Dynasty, that is to say, never break the old view of talking about China's history, and reexamine the history of the late Qing Dynasty from the perspective of global history. For example, when it comes to the familiar Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and its threat to the government of the late Qing Dynasty, we cannot always follow the old view to explain it. In addition to "the decision-making mistakes of the rulers of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" and "a large number of Han bureaucrats used in the adjustment strategy of the Qing Dynasty", we also need to pay attention to the intervention and choice of foreign forces such as Britain, which is the complete history of the late Qing Dynasty.

In addition, Mr. Zhong Weimin also mentioned the puzzlement of "great diversion" that the academic circle has paid close attention to for a long time, the myth that "the number of Qi has been exhausted" in the late Qing Dynasty is still struggling for more than half a century, the reflection on the narrative way of modern Chinese history, etc. Mr. Zhong combined with the historical pre-school edge, provided many new angles for everyone with the broad industry of global history view. Many important historical issues are suddenly enlightened by the interpretation of Miss Zhong.

The students listened carefully and thought while taking notes. After teacher Zhong's lecture, the students spoke actively and asked questions enthusiastically. In addition to the students majoring in Nanjing Normal University, a teacher from Hehai University also came here. She said that after listening to the lecture, she not only had a completely different understanding of the historical issues, but also was beneficial to the future teaching work, and taught more young people a brand-new view of history. Professor Qi Chunfeng, the host, finally made a summary, hoping that the students would not stick to the same pattern in historical research and dare to reflect. (School of social development: figure / Wei Jiayu, Lei Xiaofan, Liu Hang / Lei Xiaofan)