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Academic Events

The school of social development held an academic lecture on"Cognition and research of the Chinese Communist revolution"

At the invitation of the school of social development of Nanjing Normal University, researcher Huang daoxuan of Institute of modern history of Chinese Academy of history gave an academic lecture entitled "cognition and research of the Communist Party Revolution" in conference room 117, building 600, Suiyuan campus on the evening of huangdaoxuan on November 15. The teachers and postgraduates of the college took part in the lecture enthusiastically, and many students from other universities, such as Nanjing University, also came here. This lecture was presided over by Qi Chunfeng, President of the Institute of social development.

Mr. Huang first proposed that the reason why such a speech topic was chosen was that he believed that the study of political culture of the Communist Party of China was a subject that could be accepted and interested in at all stages of study. In the cruel and dangerous revolutionary process of modern China, the CPC members can still be infinitely loyal to the cause of the party after their hard and difficult experience, and numerous great heroes familiar with them emerge. This is a topic worthy of discussion, but also the academic community must pay attention to.

After talking about some historical details, Mr. Huang also talked about the reflection and review of the "new revolutionary history". Encourage the teachers and students here to continue to promote the study of party history, not to limit their own vision, not to retreat on the academic road. There is still much room for progress in the study of modern Chinese revolutionary history. Huang daoxuan's thinking is clear and eloquent. He still has a very clear grasp of historical anecdotes and relevant historical materials without using slides.

At the end of the lecture, the audience actively asked questions in the interactive link, and researcher Huang daoxuan patiently answered the questions of teachers and students. The host, Professor Qi Chunfeng, finally made a summary. Professor Qi thanked Mr. Huang for his wonderful speech. He hoped that the audience would improve their understanding of the basic historical figures and facts, and strive to do a good job in basic skills. (School of social development: figure / Wei Jiayu, Lei Xiaofan, Liu Hang / Lei Xiaofan)