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Academic Events

The School of Social Development successfully held an academic lecture entitled “Emergence and reversal of Japan's new understanding of China after Xi 'an Incident”

In order to further expand students' academic horizon and improve their comprehensive humanistic quality, the School of Social Development held an academic lecture entitled “emergence and reversal of Japan's new understanding of China after xi 'an incident” at 15:00 on November 26 in conference room 213, building 400, Suiyuan Campus.

Modern Chinese history famous scholars, Japan cable culture at the university of international relations division Lu Xijun professor were invited to make this special academic report. The school propaganda department minister Zhang Lianhong, the dean of the school Qi Chunfeng, former curator of the Taiwan Historical Archives Center Lv Fangshang, the curator of NanJing Folk Anti-Japanese War Museum Wu Xianbin, the associate professor Yan Haijian and other students attended the lecture.

Professor Lu's lectures mainly focus on three issues: what impact did the xi 'an incident have on Japan's understanding of China? What is Japan's new understanding of China and why is it there? What are the limitations of Japan's new understanding of China?

After the xi 'an incident, the Japanese seriously misjudged the direction of the incident and believed that China would be in chaos. However, the peaceful settlement of the Xi 'an Incident prompted the Japanese side to reflect on its diplomacy and decide to implement a policy of detente with China. However, on the one hand, Japan wants to ease tensions with China; on the other hand, Japan rather not give up its vested interest in China. Finally, due to the setbacks of Japanese economic envoys visiting in China, Japan has returned to the old path of aggression against China and made its aggression and expansion accelerated.