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The Spread of "The Theory of Chinese Race and Civilization from the West" in Modern China ——Take the Luckbury doctrine as an example

On the afternoon of June 14, 2019, at the invitation of teacher qi chunfeng of the subject of Chinese history in our college, Mr. Li fan, professor of history school of Beijing normal university, held a lecture entitled "The Spread of the theory of Chinese race and civilization from the west in modern China"Take the Luckbury doctrine as an examplein conference room 213, building 400.Teacher Wang Zhilong presided over this lecture and introduced the academic life of Li Fan.


Professor Li Fan is the deputy dean, professor and doctoral tutor of the History College of Beijing Normal University, deputy editor of  historical studies, "new century excellent talents", the ministry of education of the state council degree committee of the seventh discipline appraisal group members, the national social science fund program review committee, published more than academic works, in the studies of history of the modern history research, journal of history in the history of biology as well as Europe, Japan has published more than hundred of academic journals, academic research results is rich.

Teacher li fan divided the lecture into the following four parts:

1. Lakbury and his theories

2. Lakbury theory was introduced to Japan

3. Introduction and acceptance of the latvian theory by Chinese scholars

4. How Chinese scholars accept the latvian theory

Lakbury was a French Sinologist who advocated babylonian theory. The core idea of the theory is that Chinese people and civilizations came from the west, and Babylon was the birthplace. After lachbury's work was published in the 1880s, the theory spread to Japan. This theory was turned to Chinese scholars by Japanese scholars, and was recognized by such radical nationalist scholars as liu shipei and zhang taiyan. Teacher li fan thinks that "the theory of Chinese race and civilization from the west" is not only in line with the goal of the quintessence school of Chinese culture, but also in the appearance of "science", which meets the expectation of Chinese intellectuals to seek international understanding, which is an important reason for Chinese scholars to accept the lakbury theory.


However, there is a gap between the subjective desire of the Chinese quintessence school to preserve national characteristics and obtain international cognition and the objective reality, so the Chinese quintessence school gave up this theory in 1907.

Teacher li believes that "liu shipei and other advocates of Chinese species and civilization cannot be simply defined. This is not a purely academic issue, but related to the late qing dynasty, the national identity, politics, academic entanglement of the big issue, reflects a generation of intellectuals to the reality of care, should be analyzed from multiple perspectives.

Interactive session:

Xie Yin dragon of postgraduate students, Yang Hanchi classmate, ya-li Yang classmates respectively in terms of Chinese civilization west at the time of the communicators, anyone in the process of transmission system of criticism, yan fu introduced the problem such as the spread of the theory of influence of western civilization, consult Li Fan teacher and Li Fan teacher answered students' questions carefully.

The lecture benefited the students a lot. At the end of the lecture, teacher li fan introduced the enrollment of doctor's degree of Beijing normal university to the students at the invitation of teacher wang zhilong, and warmly welcomed the students to study for doctor's degree in Beijing normal university. In the warm, serious and pleasant atmosphere of discussion, this lecture achieved a complete success!


Photo: Yang yali Text: Fang can