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Xia Nai and Archaeology of the People's Republic of China

On the afternoon of December 14, 2020, at the invitation of the Department of Culture and Museology of Nanjing Normal University, Wang Shimin, a researcher of Institute of Archaeology of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a famous archaeologist, brought a lecture titled "Xia Nai and Archaeology of New China" to the teachers and students of our college in Hall 117, Building 600, Suiyuan Campus. This lecture is the 35th lecture in the series of archaeology lectures of our university (the 17th lecture in the forum of famous archaeologists). The lecture was presided by lecturer Pei Shidong, and more than 80 teachers and students, including Vice President Xu Feng, attended the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr Wang Shimin with comrade Hu qiaomu evaluation for the introduction of the light, Mr Pointed out that the light made outstanding contributions to the construction of new Chinese archaeology, is the main mentor archaeological work of the People's Republic of China and the founder of new China archaeology, and stressed the light as the "main directors" and "one of the mentor" an important distinction.

Wang Shimin then elaborated on the three conditions for Xia Nai to become the main instructor of archaeological work in New China. First, xia Nai had a profound knowledge that no one in China's archaeological field had ever attained. He was well-versed in Both Chinese and Western archaeology, as well as the ancient and modern ones, and was good at considering from the perspective of world archaeology and multi-discipline. Second, he has been a leader of the National Archaeological Research Center for more than 30 years, spanning the entire founding period of archaeology in New China. Third, we should be loyal to the Party's line, seek truth from facts and work selflessly until the last breath of life.

Then, Mr. Wang shimin reviews The first half of Xia Nai's life, taking his six life choices before the founding of new China as clues. Mr. Wang pointed out that the light of the six times life path choice, preliminarily established its position in the Chinese academic circles, as mainland only by trained abroad, both have rich practical experience and outstanding contributions, but also on the first line of archaeologists, the field after the founding of new China widely anticipated on the leadership role of archaeological work throughout the country.

Then, Mr. Wang focuses on Xia Nai's pioneering contributions in four areas after the founding of new China.

First, Xia Nai led the cultivation of Chinese archeological talents.

Second, Xia Nai led the new China's archaeological research.

Third, Xia Nai is devoted to the construction of the subject system of Chinese archaeology.

Fourth, Xia Nai is committed to the creation of rigorous archeological style.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Wang Shimin emphasized the importance of carrying forward Xia Nai's spirit and promoting the development of Chinese archaeology in current field archaeology work and research. He said that it is of great practical significance to review The academic thoughts of Mr. Xia Nai and carry forward the rigorous style of archaeology and realistic spirit created by him in the present moment of studying and deeply understanding general Secretary Xi Jinping's speech

After the speech, the host made a brief summary and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Mr. Wang Shimin, 85 years old, for bringing such a wonderful lecture to our teachers and students on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Mr. Xia Nai's birth. Later, Zhao Dawang and three students asked Mr. Wang for advice on relevant issues, and Mr. Wang gave patient answers one by one. After the exchange session, a representative of the graduate students presented flowers to Mr. Wang Shimin. The lecture drew to a close amid warm applause.

Text: Pei Shidong

Photo: Wang Shimin, Cao Zeyi

Approved by: Wang Shiminwang Zhigao