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Academic Events

Zhang Jian and the Social Transformation of Modern China

On the morning of June 28, 2019, at the invitation of Professor Li Tianshi, Professor Wei Chunhui from East China University of Science and Technology, in the conference room 213 of Building 400 of the School of Social Development, launched a lecture entitled “Zhang Wei and the Social Transformation of Modern China”. Lecture report.

Professor Wei Chunhui is now a professor at East China University of Science and Technology. His main research direction is modern and contemporary Chinese history. His research expertise is the transformation of modern Chinese society and the history of modern Chinese thought. He has published nearly 40 papers in important domestic academic journals. He has published "Zhang Wei's Biography", "The Choice of Ideal and Reality - Research on Liberal Scholars and Intermediate Roads (1945-1949)" and other monographs. Professor Wei is a famous scholar in Zhangye's research in China.


Professor Wei elaborated on Zhang Jian's important role and influence on the social transformation of modern China from three main aspects: "villageism" and South Passage, constitutional movement and cultural conservatism during the period of the Republic of China and the New Culture Movement. Among them, Professor Wei conducted an in-depth analysis of the "villageism" of the Trinity (industry, education, charity), the development model of Zhang Wei's "South Passage", Zhang Wei's role in the constitutional movement and the establishment of the Republic of China.


During the questioning session, the masters and doctoral students present at the scene had a heated discussion with Professor Wei. Everyone said that the lecture had benefited a lot and got a lot of inspiration and reflection. Finally, Professor Li Tianshi gave a brief summary of the lecture.