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An Liu Associate Professor


School of Social Development, Nanjing Normal University

122 Ninghai Rd, Nanjing, 210097, P.R. China

Phone: 0086 138 1392 4857, E-mail:



Ph.D., Sociology, Nanjing University                                                          2007

M.A., Sociology, Nanjing University                                                           2004

B.A., Sociology, Nanjing University                                                           2001


Academic Position

Associate Professor, School of Social Development, Nanjing Normal University                   2011-present

Assistant Professor, School of Social Development, Nanjing Normal University                   2007-2011


Teaching Fields and Research Interests

Social Theory, Political Sociology, Urban Sociology, Contemporary Chinese Society, Chinese Politics, Political Participation, Social Movements, Relationship between State and Society in Modern China


Selected Publications

LIU, An. (2015). Review on Relationship between State and Society in Contemporary Urban China: Based on the Perspective of Political Sociology. Sociological Review of China, 5, 24-37.

LIU, An. (2015). Absorption and Embedding: Adjustment Strategies of Relationship between Party (CCP) and Society under the Background of Party Building in Communities. Social Sciences in Heilongjiang, 5, 99-104.

LIU, An. (2015). Grid Management: The Logic and Practical Characteristics of Governance System in Urban Grassroots China. Jianghai Academic Journal, 2, 99-107.

LIU, An. (2014). Grid Management and Its Unintended Consequences. Jiangsu Social Science, 3, 106-15.

LIU, An. (2013). Organizational Innovations of Party(CCP) Building in Communities: An Investigation in C District N City. Socialism Studies, 3, 106-111.

LIU, An. (2012). Dilemma of the Urban Owners’ Committee. Urban Problems, 3, 98-102.

LIU, An. (2011). Deliberative Co-Governance: Construction of Institutional Cooperative Relationship in Rural Grassroots Governance. Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition), 2, 58-64.

LIU, An. (2010). Governance Innovation in Rural Grassroots Society: Take ‘Farmers’ Council of Zhaoba’ as an Example. Study & Exploration, 6, 61-63.

LIU, An. (2010). Character of Sociology and the Relationship between State and Society. Academic Exchange, 11, 125-128.

LIU, An. (2009). Civil Society or Corporatism: Review on the Research of relationship between State and Society in China after the Reformation. Journal of Literature, History and Philosophy, 5, 162-168.

LIU, An. (2009). Review on Civil Society Studies in China after the Reformation. The Journal of Humanities, 4, 166-170.



PI. Modernization of state governance system and capacity based on the positive interaction among government, market and society. Supported by Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, China, 2014-2016.

Co-PI. Innovation of social governance in urban and rural grassroots. Supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China, 2010-2015.

PI. National mobilization and social participation in urban grassroots governance. Supported by Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, 2010-2014.

PI. A research on urban community governance structure from the perspective of State-Society relationship. Supported by Educational Commission of Jiangsu Province, China, 2010-2014.

PI. Deliberative mechanisms of urban and rural community governance.Supported by Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, 2011-2013.