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Guangfei Yang Professor


Educational Background

PhD, Sociology,Nanjing University (2008)
MA, Politics, ZheJiang University (1999)

Research Interests:

Economic Sociology; Social Innovation

Research Projects:

1. A study on the financing difficulties of small and medium sized family enterprises, national project (2010);

2. Market behavior and local government at the present stage, a subordinate subject of national major project (social management innovation and social system reform) (2011);

3. Research on the promotion mechanism of social responsibility of family enterprises, from Ministry of Education (2012);

4. Capital to the countryside and the construction of New Countryside, from the Federation of Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province (2016).

 Journal Articles

1. “Relationship between Government and Market in China (1978-2015)”, Journal of Shenzhen University (Humanities & Social Sciences), 2015(06)

2. “Practice Observation and Policy Reflection under Social Management Innovative Administration – A case study of Grid Management”, Social Sciences in Heilongjiang, 2015(05)

3. “Grid of social management: How can they be possible and how to do?”, Jiangsu Social Sciences, 2014(06)

4. “The Predicaments and Opportunities of Local Social Enterprises: Practical Observation and Theoretical Thinking”, Guangzhou Public Administration Review, 2013(01)

5. “Market Transition and Economic Ethics Remodeling – Ethical reflection on food safety issues in recent years”, Studies in Ethics, 2011(06)

6. “The Three ‘Traps’ of Autonomous Governance in the Social Organizations which are in the Transition Period”, Social Sciences in China, 2010(05)

7. “Wealth Division, Son’s Succession to Father’s Power and the CFBs’ Intergenerational Transmission”, Journal of Social Sciences, 2010(07)

8. “Family Ethics, Family Vision and the Internal Governance of Chinese Family Businesses”, Studies in Ethics, 2010(01)

9. “Social Enterprise: How to be ‘praised’ and ‘great’? – Enlightenment from the revelation of the Grameen Bank”, Summit on Public Administration, 2010(01)

10. “On Patriarchal Authority, Relation Contact and Organization Development of Chinese Family Enterprises”, Journal of Social Sciences, 2009(11)

11. “Economic Annotation of Social Capital: The limits and Reflection”, Journal of Anhui University (Philosophy & Social Sciences), 2009(05)

12. “Cultural explanation of economic phenomena: possibilities and limits”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition), 2008(02)

13. “From ‘Relationship Contract’ to ‘Institutional Cooperation’: Cooperation within the Evolution Path of Civil Chamber of Commerce – A case of Chambers of Wenzhou Commerce”, Chinese Public Administration, 2007(08)

14. “The Function of ‘Public Comments’ for Scientific Research”, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 2007(06)

15. “Change Logic of The control of the Family business: from Western countries to China”, Jianghuai Tribune, 2007(05)

16. ”’De-embedded’ and ‘Reconstruction’: Governance Logic of the intermediary organizations in the transformation society”, The Journal of Humanities, 2007(05)

17. “Loss of Faith in Public Fields during Social Transformation”, Studies in Ethics, 2007(02)


Guanxi Governance and its Evolution of Chinese Family Business, 2009

Honors and Awards: 

The Book of Guanxi governance and its evolution of Chinese family business was awarded the third prize of the Eleventh  Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science of Jiangsu province.

Academic Title

1.Executive director of the administrative management Teaching Research Association Direction

2.Leader of research base of urban and rural integration ,Jiangsu Province,