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Haijian Yan Associate Professor


Education Background

PhD, History, Nanjing University (2010)

MA, History, Nanjing Normal University (2007)

BA, History, Nanjing Normal University (2004).

Research interests

Intellectuals, Political Culture, and Education in Modern China 

Japanese War Crimes and Chinese Justice, 1945-1952

The ideology and propaganda of KMT

Journal Articles (selected)

1. “Campus Upheaval in the Post-Revolutionary Atmosphere: Probing into the Change of Presidents of Datong University”, Historical Review, No.1 (2016).

2. “The Road Leading to the Postwar Trial:The Proposed Process for Punishment of the War Criminal by the Allies in World War II”, Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences, No.2 (2016).

3. “Review on the History Facts of Hu Shi as Principal of China College”, History Journal of Anhui, No.6 (2014).

4. “China School and the Revolution in the Late Qing Dynasty”, Historical Archives, No.3 (2014).

5. “Leniency or Indulgence: Discussion on the National Government on the Disposal of Japanese War Criminals, Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences, No.7 (2014).

6.”China School and the Revolution in the Late Qing Dynasty”, Historical Archives, No.3 (2014).

7. “Reexamine the war responsibility of Hisao Tani”, Republican Archive, No.1 (2014).

8. “Legal principle and Probative fact: Re-study on the trail of Hisao Tani”, Jianghai Academic Journal, No.6 (2013).

9. “Campus Upheaval Driven by Multiple Factors: On the 1921 Student Strikes in China’s Public Schools”, Studies on Republican China, Spring (2013).

10. “Policies Concerning Youth Movement in Early Days of Kuomintang Government in Nanjing”, Journal of Nanjing University, No.1 (2012).

11.”The social impact of the trail on Nanjing massacre by the National Government”, Fujian Tribune,No.4 (2011).

12. “The Student Community in the Modern Social and Political Changes:Taking the May 4th Movement as the Center of the Discussion”, Fujian Tribune,No.3 (2009).

13. “Unrest of University District in Peking in Early Period of Nanking Government”, Journal of Nanjing University, No.1 (2009).

14. “On Difference of Dealing with Student Strikes in Peking from 1946-1948 between the Central and the Local Authorities”, Republican Archive, No.1 (2008).

15. “The Dilemma between Reading and Saving the Nation: A Study of the Relationship between Cai Yuanpei and Student Movements”,Social Science Journal, No.5 (2008).


1. The Biography of Rao Zongyi (饶宗颐) , Nanjing: Jiangsu People's Press, 2012.

2. Co-editor, The Anti-Japanese War and the social change of China, Banjing: Unity Press, 2015.

3. Co-editor, The History of Ginling College, Nanjing: Jiangsu People's Press, 2005.