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Jicang Li Associate Professor


Educational Background

PhD, Oriental History, Ryukoku University (2003)




Research Interests


Chinese Medieval History Study

Cultural and Academic Exchange between Japan and China



Journal Articles


1.Modern China and Kyoto School of Modern Theory : Focusing on Modern Problems in China, Ryukoku - Shidan. The journal of history of RyukokuUniversity 134, 1-30, 2011-07-30

2.The Aristocracy during the Middle of the Eastern Jin and Baronial Society of the Jiangnan: A New Study on the politics of Huanwen and Xiean,Toyou- Shien.66, 1-29, 2006-01-31

3.The essence of aristocratic in the Liu Chao: The focus on the "Qingjing" policy of Wang Dao, Toyou- Shien.62, 38-80, 2004-01-28

4.A Study of the Characteristics of the Local Politics of Eastern Jin, Ryukoku - Shidan. The journal of history of RyukokuUniversity 116, 94-132, 2001-03-31

5.A Study on the Morale of Fangda in the Transition Period from the Western Jin Dynasty to the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Toyou- Shien.54, 39-94, 1999-10-31



The Study of Aristocratic in the Eastern Jin, Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 2015.