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Jin Zhang(pen name:Jin Wen) Professor


Education Background

PhD, History, Nanjing University (2002)

MA, History, Shandong University (1987)

BA, History, Jiangsu Normal University (1983)

Research Interests

History of the Warring States, Qin-Han, Wei-Jin Dynasties, and History of Chinese Ancient Economy and Culture

Research Projects

Projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, Jiangsu Social Science Fund Program, Humanities and Social Sciences Program Sponsored by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province and so forth

Journal Articles

More than 100 papers were published in National or provincial newspapers and journals, such as Guangming Daily, Historical Research, Journal of Chinese Historical Studies, Researches in Chinese Economic History, Sociological Studies. Among them, about 60 papers have been reprinted, extracted and edited, reviewed by some famous journals, e.g. Xinhua Digest, Periodical Literatures Reprinted by China People's University, China History Almanac, Researches in Chinese Economic History, Trends of Recent Researches on The History of China, Sociological Studies, Academic Monthly, History Teaching.


Critical Biography of Sang Hongyan

Running the Country by Confucianism and the Society of the Han Dynasty

General History of Taizhou


Honors and Awards

First China Publishing Award (one of the authors) (2007)

First China Cultural Industry Innovation Award (one of the authors) (2008)

The third prize of First College of Humanities, Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement in Jiangsu Province (1994)

The first prize of Culture and Art Sciences Outstanding Achievement in Shandong Province (2012)

And so forth.

Academic Title

Executive Director of Chinese Research Society of Qin-Han History

Director of History Society of the Wei-Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties

Vice Chairman of Research Society of Xiang Yu Culture in Jiangsu Province


Telephone: 13851489313