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Jing Zhang Associate Professor


Educational Background

Lit.D, Nanjing normal University (2005)

Master of historiography, Fudan University (1989)

Bachelor of historiography, Fudan university (1986)


Research Interests

    Chinese ancient female history

    History of Chinese culture

Research Projects

Research on the Memorial archways in Yixing during Ming and Qing Dynasties. Social science fund key project) of Jiangsu province ,2015

The evolution of  Gender Theory and the Evolvement of Chinese women in China. Interdisciplinary major research project of  Nanjing Normal University

Journal Articles

1. “The origin and development of women history concept in ancient china: from ‘hen crows in the morning’ to ‘concubine-loving led to the fall of empire’”Social Science Front, Number 11, 2013 

2. “Scholar-Official’s View of Female in Tang Dynasty and Why Wu Zetian Became the Only Female Emperor in China——Epitaph Centered”. Jianghai Academic Journal, 2011, 5; reprinted in Information Center for Social Science of RUC History from Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties to Sui-tang Dynasty, 2012, 1

3. “Discussion on Developing Women's Virtue Commendation System in Tang Dynasty”. Jiangsu Social Sciences, 2012, 6

4. “Spiritual Transformation of the Intellectuals after the An-shi Rebellion and the Changes of Images of Yang Yuhuan in the Tang Poetry”. Journal of Linyi Normal University , 2007, 4

5. “Discussion on Poems of Poor Women in Tang Dynasty”. Journal of Chinese Language and Culture School of Nanjing Normal University, 2006, 3

6. “Discussion on the Emergence and Development of Female Personality Meaning of Trailing Plants”. Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2005, 6

7. “Research on the Group's Traits of the Princesses in the Tang Dynasty”. Journal of Anhui Normal University, 2004, 4

8. “Further Discussion on Political Marries in Early Han Dynasty”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 1997, 7


Research on Female Image in Tang Dynasty. Gansu people's Publishing House, 2007

Honors and Awards

  1. The origin and development of women history concept in ancient china: fromhen crows in the morningto “concubine-loving led to the fall of empire” for the best paper. Jiangsu Province  Federation of Social Science
  2. Discussion on Developing Women's Virtue Commendation System in Tang Dynasty for the best paper. Jiangsu Province  Federation of Social Science 
  3. Honorary title of “best ten teachers” in 2003 Contest of young teachers  
  4. Honorary title of “advanced individual of teachers’ professional ethics” from 2009 to 2011 at Nanjing Normal University