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Juxiang Hua Professor


Ph.D. & Professor of Sociology Department, Chair of MSW Education Center


Nanjing Normal University

School of Social Development

122 Ninghai road

Nanjing, Jiangsu province, 210097, P.R. China

Phone: 86-13951708537(CHINA)/Fax:86 25 83598437



2009-2010   Visiting scholar, School of Social Policy and Practice,   

University of Pennsylvania

2001-2006   Nanjing University, Jiangsu Province, China. Sociology, Ph.D

             Title of dissertation: The Study on the Social Support of Psychopaths

1993-1996   Nanjing University, Jiangsu Province, China. Sociology, M.D.

             Title of thesis: How to cope with the Higher medical costs?

Nanjing University, Jiangsu Province, China. Politics, B.A. 



     Social support for vulnerable group, especially for the patients with problem of mental health, PLWHA, social policy, social work for health, social work for teenagers, community mental health, social services for the disaster zone.     


Professional Backgrounds

05/2011—Present  Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Nanjing Normal University

02/2008-06/2015  Head of Sociology and Social Work Department, Nanjing Normal University

05/2003-04/2011  Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Nanjing Normal University

03/1997-07/2003  Instructor, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Nanjing Normal University

08/1986-07/1991  Chief Technician, Institute of Dermatology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS)



2009-Present    Founder and director of Association for Study of the Disabled

2008-Present    Standing Trustee of China Association for Social Work Education          

2003-Present    Nanjing Society of Sociology                      Standing Trustee

2003- Present   Jiangsu Society of social psychology               Standing Trustee

1997-Present    Member of Chinese Sociological Association


Professional awards

   2013     Paper “The Procedural Explore on Social Construction” won the first prize at the annual conference of China Association of Social Work Education in the 2013.

Paper “Reflection of Social Policy on the disaster relief after Wenchuan Earthquake in Perspective of the Social Quality Theory” won the second prize at the Annual National Conference of the Chinese Sociological Association.

2008     Paper “The Research on the Causation and Prevention about the mental disability under the New Era” won the first prize at the Jiangsu Disabled Persons' Federation.

2007     Report "The Research on the Causation and Prevention about the mental disability under the New Era" won the third prize at the China Disabled Persons' Federation.


Teaching Awards

2015     The Wonderful Lessons, the National Department of Education

2015     The Teaching and Educating Award, Nanjing Normal University

2005     The Ten Excellence in Teaching Award, Nanjing Normal University


Representative Publications



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  1. Organizer of Project: Research on the construction of urban community mental health service system, sponsored by National Social Science Fund Project(2014-2017).
  2. Organizer of Project: Project Evaluation for The Promotion of Orphan’s Rights, sponsored by The Amity Foundation(2013)
  3. Organizer of Project: The Exploration on PLWHA Social Support needs and Services -- Taking Liuzhou as an example, Sub Project of R24:The Cooperation of Humanities and Social Sciences with public health " sponsored by Renmin University and UNC(2010-2013)
  4. Organizer of Project: The care for AIDS affected and vulnerable children based on the family and community. Sponsored by the United Nations Children's Fund and the Ministry of civil affairs of China(2010-2016)
  5. Organizer of Project: “Research on the Social Support for Adolescent Mental Health from the Perspective of Social Work”, sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education. (2009-2011).
  6. Organizer of Project: “Study of Adaptability of Mental Disease Patients”, sponsored by Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Foundation. (2007-2009).
  7. Organizer of Project: “Social Workers and Volunteers for People's Livelihood and Social Stability" sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. (2009).
  8. Organizer of  Project: “Study of Medical Social Work”, sponsored by Nanjing Normal University. (2006-2008).
  9. Organizer of  Project: “Analysis of Causation and Preventives of Mental Disorder and Study of its Multi-dimension Policies ” sponsored by Jiangsu Province Handicapped People Association. (2006-2007).
  10. Organizer of  Project: “Study of Social Transition and Individual Mental Security” sponsored by Nanjing Normal University Research Foundation. (2007).
  11. Organizer of Project: “Study of Social Work’s Intervention in the Domain of Public health” sponsored by University Humanity Science Research Project of Jiangsu Province. (2004-2005 (2007).).