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Nongjian Zou Professor


Education Background

Phd, Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (1998)

BA, History, Nanjing University (1983)




Research Interests

1. Issues concerning Agriculture, Rural Areas and Peasantry

2. New Urbanization

3. Social Structure


Research Projects

1. Key Projects supported by National Social Science Foundation of China: The Influence of Peasants’ Moving upon the transformation of Chinese Social Structure; Innovative Research on Urban and Rural Local Social Administration

2. Project supported by National Social Science Foundation of China: Sociological Research of the Reforming Issues on Rural Taxation

3. Key Projects supported by Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu: Research on Well-Off Society; Research on Modernization of Southern Jiangsu; Comparative Studies on Urbanization of Small Towns and Big Cities; Investigation on the Current Situations of Peasant Workers in Sixteen Cities of the Yangtze River Delta Region; Research on the Practices of New Urbanization and Urban-Rural Integration in Jiangsu under the Circumstances of Comprehensively Deepening Reforms

4. The Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science Planning Project: Research on the Coordination Mechanism of Urban and Rural Community Administration

5. Sino-Canadian Cooperative Project: Research on the Relationship between the Immigrant Population and Economical Development in Southern Jiangsu

6. Tens of projects entrusted by provincial and municipal governments


Journal Articles (Selected)

1. “On the Creation of Town Sociology with Chinese Characteristics”

2. “Preliminary Analysis on the Social Stratification of Half-Worker / Half-Peasant”

3. “Urbanization Path with Chinese Characteristics”

4. “City-Town-Village Ternary Structure and its Coordinated Development”

5. “Research on Regional Small Town Groups”

6. “A few Issues concerning Urbanization Research”

7. “Research on Stratification Standards of Rural Society”

8. “The Stages, Patterns and its Inner Relationship of Peasants’ Non-Farmernization”

9. “Comparative Studies on Chinese and Foreign Patterns of Rural Labor Force Transformation”

10. “A Few Issues concerning the Current Urbanization of China”

11. “Reform on the Household Registration System of Mobile Population in Towns”

12. “On Peasants’ Stratification”

13. “Rural Taxation Reform: Benefit Gambling between State, Village Collective, and Peasants”

14. “Pension Insurance, Home Care, and Community Support: New Options of Retirement Patterns”

15. “A Few Issues in the New Countryside Construction which should be Paid Attention”

16. “A Few Major System Constructions on Social Construction”



1. Co-author, Regional Analysis on Small Towns

2. Co-author, Town Sociology

3. Co-author, Ten-Year Rural Transformation of the Jiangnan Region

4. Co-author, Theories and Practices on Well-Off Society

5. Research on Chinese Rural Urbanization

6. Research on Peasants Non-Farmernization of Southern Jiangsu

7. Taxation Reform: the Transition of Rural Administration Patterns

8. Chief-editor, Investigation Report on Peasant Workers of Jiangsu


Honors and Awards

1. The third prize for the Second Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements in Jiangsu Province

2. The third prize for the Third Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements in Jiangsu Province

3. The second prize for the Fourth Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements in Jiangsu Province

4. The second prize for the Fifth Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements in Jiangsu Province

5. The third prize for the Sixth Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements in Jiangsu Province


Academic Title

Vice-President of Jiangsu Sociology Society

Vice-President of Jiangsu Urbanization Research Society

Vice-President of Jiangsu Community Development Research Society

Consultant to the Jiangsu provincial policies

Member in the Teaching Steering Committee of Ministry of Education of China

Consulting member of Nanjing Municipal Government

Chief Expert of Jiangsu Urban-Rural Integration Research Base (Jiangsu provincial policies consulting research base)



Telephone: 025-83598437