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Shouming Jiang Professor


Educational Background

PhD, History, Nanjing University (1999)

MA, History, Beijing Normal University (1987)

BA, History, Beijing Normal University (1982)


Research Interests

      History of Britain 

      Western Cultural History

Research Projects

  1. Religious Problems of the Britain in 16-17 th Century
  2. Religious Problems of the Britain in the Social Transformation Period
  3. On Religious Civilization & the English Modernization Process
  4. Cultural History of Europe

Journal Articles

  1. Dual Attributes about the English Revolution in the 17 th Century
  2. Practical Difficulties of Absolutism in the Period of King James I
  3. Differentiating Religious Reforms & the English Revolution Nature in the Period of King Charles I
  4. Martin Luther’s Theory of Justification by Faith & Nation-state
  5. On the Religious Factors & the English Nation-state Formation
  6. On the decline of the Papacy & the Rise of the English Nation-state 
  7. On the Colonial Expansion Characteristics during the Period of the English Nation-state Formation 
  8. Female Sexual Role Differentiation in Culture Horizon of the Old and the New Testament
  9. On the American Feelings in the Christianity
  10. Preliminary Exploration about the Tude Dynasty’s Reformation in England
  11. Jeans: Analyzing Rough Culture of the Contemporary America


  1. From a Nation-state to the British Empire: a study of colonial expansion in England
  2. An Outline of the Western Social Security in the Early Modern Times
  3. Age of Discovery in the World
  4. Great Rivers Civilization in the World
  5. A Western Cultural History
  6. The European Navigators in the Age of Discovery
  7. Modernization, Globalization, and History of the World

Honors and Awards

‘The Role of the Humane Quality Education in the World History Teaching’, The First Prize of History Essay: the Historical Research Institution in the Chinese Society of Education (2001)

The Second Prize of a Western Cultural History: The 5th Times of Philosophy and Social Science Works in Jiangsu Province (2006)

Academic Title

Standing Director in the World History Research Institution in Jiangsu Province