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Tianshi Li Professor


Tianshi Li, male, Chinese, born in Zibo of Shandong province of the People's Republic of China on June 25, 1954, Professor of Nanjing Normal University

Research field

The history of the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, Tang, and Song

Chinese economic history

Literature research of dunhuang and Tulufans


Educational background

Doctor, Chinese ancient history, Department of history, Nanjing University (2000)

Master, history, Department of history, Lanzhou University (1985)

Bachelor, the history of Sui and Tang Dynasties, Department of History, Lanzhou University (1982)


Research project


1. “A comparative study of the legal literature, medieval China unearthed western regions”, the Key Project of National Planning Office of Social Sciences 2013-2016

2. “The western region and the legal documents unearthed in the Central Plains of consistency”, the Ministry of education philosophy and social science planning project 2010-2013

3. “The study of six dynasties’ society”, the key projects of philosophy and social science planning in Jiangsu province 2001-2004

4. “Dunhuang Turpan identity hierarchy on the basis of textual research”, the Committee of national universities project 1998-2000

5. “The study of various economic elements in the middle ancient times of China”, the planning project of Jiangsu Education Committee 1998-2000

6. “This note in the history of the 24: "Chen book" notes on collation of Chinese”, Yanhuang Culture Promotion Society Project 2005-2007

7. “The general history of Jiangsu (Song and Yuan)”, Jiangsu Province Academy of Social Sciences, the key project of Nanjing municipal government commissioned the project 2005-2014

8. “The general history of Nanjing (six dynasties), 2004-2009

9. “China's ancient and good cheap identity system” of the national "11th Five-Year" planning key publishing project 2002-2004

10. “China's ancient history of teaching reform in Nanjing Normal University”, the teaching team building project in Nanjing Normal University, 2009-2012


Major award

1. The General History of Jiangsu (Song and Yuan), won the first prize in philosophy and social sciences in Jiangsu province (2014)

2. “The studying of system on citizen untouchability in the middle ancient society in Chinese history”, awarded Nanjing University Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award(2000), Nanjing University science Star Award (2000); won the ninth Jiangsu philosophy and Social Sciences second prize(2005)

3. “The obligor changes in the nature of the Tang-Song period and its significance” (Chinese Social Science, 1995(2), the English version), won the fifth philosophical and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Province, third award (1997)

4. Chinese Ancient History Course Book (Nanjing Normal University Press, 1998 edition), won the sixth Jiangsu philosophy and Social Sciences third award (1998)



1. The research Summary of history of song and Jin Dynasty (first author), Tianjin Education Press, 1995;

2. Tang Xianzong biography,  Jilin Literature Publishing House published in 1995 2004, second edition;

3. Chinese ancient history course (first ed.) Nanjing Normal University Press 1998, Revised Edition 2012;

4. Agricultural economy and society in Chinese history (1) (editor in chief of the two), Lanzhou University press, 2002;

5. The studying of system on citizen untouchability in the middle ancint socity of the China history, Nanjing Normal University Press, 2004;

6. The Six Dynasties Culture Introduction, Nanjing Publishing House, 2004;

7. Literature and Archaeology , Lanzhou University Press, 2004;

8. Chinese ancient history research, Jilin Literature Publishing House, 2005;

9. The southern culture (first author), Nanjing Publishing House, 2005;

10. China in the history of agricultural economy and society (2) (first ed.) Jilin Literature Press, 2005;

11. The general history of Nanjing six dynasties (Second ed.), Nanjing Publishing House, 2009;

12. The general history of Jiangsu (the volume of song and Yuan Dynasty), Jiangsu Phoenix publishing group Jiangsu Ancient Books Publishing House, 2012;

13. Jiangnan society of the Tang Dynasty, Jiangsu people's publishing house, 2015;

14. The general history of Nanjing  (the volume of Sui Tang, Five Dynasties, Song and Yuan) (first ed.), Nanjing Publishing House, 2016

Research Articles

Published over 70 articles in Chinese society scienceHistorical research, Study of the history of China, Chinese economic history studies, The comparison method studies, Xinhua digest, Dunhuang Studies series, Journal of Jianghai, The history of China Frontier and other authoritative, core journals and memoirs.

Paper (selected)

1. The change and significance of the characteristics of the Tang and song dynasties;

2. On the fine base system of the Tang Dynasty from the judgment of the article;

3. The influence of soldiers system of medieval identity system On the codification of Liangjian status system;

4. The value and significance of the culture of the Six Dynasties;

5. Xiao Yan overthrow the qi dynasty and establish liang research;

6. The slaves’ influence on Hou rebellion against liang and the role;  

7. The employment trend of slaves during the Tang and Song Dynasties;

8. The Materials and values of Dunhuang, Turpan slaves in the documents;

9. Influence of two tax on private slaves;

10. On the stage of Chinese history from the change of identity system;

11. The system of official servants and the changes of the Tang Dynasty;

12. Look at the similarities and differences between Rome and Tang Dynasty slaves from slave Tang and Rome law;

13. Tang law and Rome law about slaves, slaves provided the historical reasons of similarities and differences;

14. The similarities and differences between the Qin Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty identity system from the perspective of Shuihudi Qin;

15. The Han and Tang Dynasties from the perspective of the similarities and differences between the system of servants Zhang Jiashan";

16. On several issues of the Shanshan Kingdom slave system in the 3-5th centuries;

17. On the research of economic instruments in Turpan Dunhuang;

18. The influence of Tang Xianzong  and  the historical conditions and the role of individual local;

19. Tang Xianzong and Han Yu on the "admonish pagoda thing";

20. On the relationship between Tang Dynasty and and Tibet on tang xianzong period;

21. The salt control on tang XianZong of Jianghuai region;

22. A review on the control right of Hexi Corridor in Song xia;

23. On the Song Dynasty Jianghuai canal;

24. The Retrospect and Prospect of Sixty Years’ Research about the Six Dynasties in the Mainland of China;

25. The decline of noble family system collapse and Liangjian status system.


Academic Title

Director of Chinese Tang History Society

Director of Chinese Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties Society

Vice president of the Jiangsu Provincial History

Vice president of the Jiangsu Society for the History of the Six Dynasties

Members of the academic committee of Nanjing Normal University