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Wenying Tong Associate Professor


Phone: 86-25-85898181

Fax: 86-25-89898181


Address: 122 Ninghai Road, Nanjing Normal University, Gulou District, Nanjing, China  


Working Experiences

Nanjing Normal University, School of Social Development 2010.12-present

Department of Sociology and Social work

Associate Professor

  • Teaching several courses of Social Work (including Social Welfare Theories, Introduction to Social Work, NGO and social work for both undergraduate and MSW students)
  • Social work Practicums (for both undergraduate and MSW students )
  • Supervising Thesis (for both undergraduate and MSW students)


Nanjing Technology University, School of Public administration 2006.2-2010.12

Department of Social work


  • Teaching several courses of Social Work (including Social Welfare Theories, Human Behavior and the Social Environment for undergraduate students)
  • Social work Practicums (for undergraduate students )
  • Supervising Thesis (for undergraduate students)



Nanjing University, School of Public administration         2006.9-2010.9 Nanjing

Department of Labor and Social Security

PhD in Management Science, 2010

·Concentration in Social Security, Social Policy and Social Services

·PhD Thesis: Insight into SARS and A/H1N1 Incidents, a Study on the Modes of Public Health Emergency Management in China


Nanjing University, School of Public administration            2003.9-2006.6 Nanjing

Department of Sociology

Master in Law, 2006

·Major: Sociology

·Concentration in Social Psychology and Social Policy



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Academic & Social Research, Grant

Mechanism Research of The Third Party Involving Social Conflict prevention and resolution (Project of National Social Sciences of China)


·PI, Responsible for the whole project

Study on the typical experience of integration to resolve social contradictions in the new situation


·PI, Responsible for the whole project

Social Management Innovation and Social Reform(Key project of the National Social Sciences of China) 


·Responsible for one of the sub-projects

Study on Causes and Countermeasures of Group Events in Jiangsu Province


·PI, Responsible for the whole project


Social services

Served as Social Word Professional Supervision in Nanjing Associations Social Work Practice.