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Youtao Bai Professor



2001-2004  Ph.D., Sociology, Nanjing University
1990-1993  M.S., Ethnology,  South-Central University For Nationalities
1985-1987  Associate degree in History, Hefei Educational College
1978-1981  Professional training in English Teaching, Shouxian Normal School


2008  Outstanding supervisor of Nanjing Normal University 
2007  First place, Award of Social Science Application Exquisites,  from Association of Jiangsu Social Science 
2006  Second place, Award of Outstanding Teaching from Nanjing Normal University  


04.2003-date       Professor, Nanjing Normal University 
Courses Taught: Urban Sociology;  Social Policy; Community of Social Work, etc.
             Adviser to 24 master’s candidates and 84 undergraduate students
06.1993-03.2003   Lecturer, Associate Professor, Anhui Polytechnic University
09.1987-06.1990   Middle school History teacher, Anhui Province 
09.1981-06.1985   Middle school English teacher, Anhui Province


2011-2016: Primary Researcher on Mass Events of Minorities in East China, sponsored by National Social Science Foundation of China
2010-2012: Primary Researcher on group accidents and social stability within China focusing on minorities, sponsored by the Foundation of Social Science Plan of Education Ministry of China 
2009-2010: Principal Investigator on civilization index of big-city districts, sponsored by Gulou District Government of Nanjing 
2006-2009: Primary Researcher on social adaptation of migrant muslim, sponsored by National Social Science Foundation of China
2004-2006: Primary Researcher on development of NGO in big-city communities, sponsored by Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province
Doctoral research in Nanjing University
2001-2004: Primary Investigator, the Traditional Hui Nationality Communities in Modern Urban Areas in China.
2003-2004: Investigator, Social Problems on the Process of China’s Urbanization, sponsored by the Foundation of Social Science Plan of Education Ministry of China 
Master’s research in South-Central University For Nationalities
1992-1993: Principal Investigator, Social Organizations of the Hui Nationality in the Republic of China(1911-1949)


Executive Member, Chinese Society of Hui Nationality Research
Vice Secretary, Jiangsu Sociological Association, China
Member, Gulou Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference 
Executive Member, Jiangsu Islamic Association, China
Secretary-general, Nanjing Yimin Social Service Center


2011       Social Adaptation of Migrant Muslim in Big Cities of China. Yinchuan: Ningxia Renmin Press (in print)
2008       Social Cost of Urban Renewal. Nanjing: Southeast University Press (First author with another coworker)
2008       On the Globalization of Cities. Nanjing: Southeast University Press (First author with other two coworkers)
2006       NGO of Communities in Mega-cities. Nanjing: Southeast University Press 
2005       Pangencao: the Hui Nationality Communities in Modern Urban Area.  Yinchuan: Ningxia Renmin Press
2004  Freedom of Cities. Nanjing: Southeast University Press

Published Papers and Chapters

2015  Challenges and Countermeasures of Nanjing Hui Nationality Decentralization. Joural of Zhongnan Ethnic University . 2015(2)
2014  A Summary of Academic Seminar ” National Factors and Social Stability ”. Journal of Hui Minority Studies. 2014(1)
2014  Policy Suggestions on Deal with the Minority Mass Events. Internal Study on Ethnic Work. 2014.3.20
2014  Right in Society. Mass. 2014.4
2014  The Characteristics and Causes of Minority Group Events in the East Area. Journal of Beifang Ethnic University. 2014(4)
2013  Two Disadaptions of the Urban Government: on the Research of Migrant Muslims. Journal of Hui Minority Studies. 2013(1)
2013  Occurrence Mechanism of the Mass Events on Muslims in Era of the Republic of China. Journal of Hui Minority Studies.2013(2)
2011  Practice and Thinking on the Public Service of the Government: Case of Nanjing Gulou District. Theory and Modernization. 2011(2)
2010  Analysis on the Problem of Low Rent Housing Subsidy: Case of Nanjing Gulou District. China Real Estate. 2010(2)
2010  On the Community Service Systems. Journal of Chongqing University of Science and Technology. 2010(23)
2009  Active to Help the Migrant Muslims to Adapt the Urban Society. Dynamics of Propaganda Work.  2009(1)
2009  Community Service Needs of the Elders and Specialization of Social Work. Social Work. 2009.12
2009     On the Methods of the Hui Nationality Research. Journal of Hui Minority Studies. 2009(4)
2009     Social Adaptation of Muslim Migrants in Mega-cities of China. Journal of Qinghai Nationalities Institute. 2009(2) 
2008     Analysis on the WeakGroup focused by Local Media: Based on Nanjing Morning. Journal of Beifang Ethnic University. 2008(2)
2007     Transfering of the Hui Nationality Cultural Paterns. Guizhou Minzu Yanjiu. 2007(1) 
2007     Muslim Migrants and the Hui Nationality Communities of Megacities. Journal of Hui Muslim Minority Studies. 2007(4) 
2007    Promoting the Development of Muslim Harmonious Communities. Chinese Muslim. 2007(6) 
2007      Elder Problems in Cities and Social Service System. Journal of Fujian Provincial Committee Party School of CPC. 2007(3)
2007      Huisology in Sociological Perspectives. Guizhou Minzu Yanjiu. 2007(6)   
2005      Social Benefit and Cost in Real Estate of Chinese Megacities. China Real Estate Review. 2005
2004     Social and Cultural Functions of the Hui Nationality Communities in Mega-cities of China. Ethno-National Studies. 2004(4) (second author)
2003    Social Functions of Anthropology. Guizhou Minzu Yanjiu. 2003(4)
2003     Sociological Academic School of Chicago and its Heritage. Society, 2003(3) 
2003       Urban Landscape: Social and Cultural Perspectives. [C] Zhang Hongyan, City  Space  Interpersonal: Comparation Chinese Urban Social Development with the west. Nanjing: Southeast University Press 
2002       Tension of Believings. Hubei Social Science. 2002(9)
2002      Citizenship of Landscape. Technology and Economy. 2002(1)


Department of Sociology, Social Development School of Nanjing Normal University;
122 Ninghai Road, Nanjing, 210097, P.R.China
Phone:+86-25-83598191(86471551); +86-13912941992