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Yuxing Zhou Professor


Educational Background

Bachelor of History, University of NanJing , (1982)



Research Interests

archaeology and museology


Research Projects

 1.The Chinese and Beakje of Korea cultural exchange study, South Korea International Exchange consortium funded, 2004

 2.Korea Wuning tomb, supported by South Korea Chungbuk Cultural Property Research Institute in 2005, 2006

 3. In Xuchang, Henan Province Yuzhou City Hou Tun (ten shop) Longshan culture relics and tomb group of archaeological excavations, South to North Water Transfer Project in Henan section of the Middle Route Project of cultural relic protection project in 2010

 4.Chinese rural museum research, Ministry of education, humanities and Social Sciences General Project, 2015


Journal Articles

1. “In Recent Years Chinese Cities Important Archaeological Harvest of Korean”, The Study of Chinese History (40 series; Chinese Urban History Special Edition), Carcanet Press, 2006 February

2. “’Aromatherapy’ and ‘incense burner’ identified”, East Asian Antiquities (volume B), Heritage Press, May 2007

3. “Look at the Relationship between Chinese and Baekje from Maritime Traffic”, Southeast Culture, 2010, 1

4. “The Information Age Museum Career’s Development New Pattern -- from the Perspective of Cultural Professional Digital Museum”, Nanjing Normal University Journal (Social Science Edition; 2010 Education and Teaching Research), 2010 June

5. “Gao Song Family Tomb of Eastern Jin Dynasty and South Korea Muryeong of Baekje tombs: A comparative study”, Baekje Cultural (46 series), edited by South Korea Gongju National University Baekje Cultural Studies, 2012 February


Xia Shang Zhou Archaeology, Nanjing University press, 1993


Honors and Awards

Jiangsu Gaochun Xuecheng Neolithic archaeological excavation, won the 1997 National Archaeological Discovery Award nomination; Nanjing Xiangshan, crane concept family in the Eastern Jin Dynasty tomb excavation, won the 1998 national top ten archaeological discovery award.


   Academic Title

China Archaeological Institute

Korea Institute of overseas director of Baekje