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Zhilong Wang Associate Professor


Educational Background

PhD ,History,Nanjing Normal University(2008)

MA,History,Anhui University(2005)

Undergraduate Education, Political Education, Anhui Normal University(2000)

College Education ,Historical and Political Education, West Anhui University(1994)


Research Interests

the modern economic history of China , the clan social history of China

Research Projects

1.Study on the Clan Field in Modern Anhui (school level,host,2007-2008)

2.A Comparative Study on the Clan Field in the South of Jiangsu and the South of Anhui(bureau level,host,2009-2011)

3.Study on the Clan Field in the lower Reaches of the Yangtze River in the Republic of China (minister level,host,2010-2013)

4.A Comparative Study on the Social Transformation in England during the Period of Industrialization and in Yangtze River Delta during the Period of the Republic of China(provincial level,participant,2010-2013)

5.The Eight Route Army Veterans Oral Data Rescue and Arrangement(national level,host,2015-2020)

Journal Article

1. Zhilong Wang. “A Trial Analysis of the Humanistic History of Liang Qichao's New Historiography”, Journal of Anhui University, 2003 (supplement) 

2. Guoli Xu, Zhilong Wang. “Theoretical Study of Oral History in Contemporary China”, Historiography Quarterly, 2005, 53(1)

3. Zhilong Wang. “Study on Zhang Zhidong's Thought of Legal System Reform by Liu and Zhang’s Common Memorials”, Journal of Chizhou Teachers College, 2005, 19(2)

4. Zhilong Wang. “Modern Wanxi Clan Field under the Dual Function of Economy and Culture——view from the research of clan field in Shucheng county”, Agricultural History of China, 2007, 26(1)

5. Zhilong Wang. “Protection of Clan Field from Modern Anhui Clan ——using of customs, clan rules and laws fully and flexibly”, Researches in Chinese Economic History, 2007, 88(4)

6. Zhilong Wang. “Researching Modern Transformation about Function of Supporting Education of Clan Field in Anhui Province”, Social Science Front Bimonthly, 2007, 150(6)

7. Zhilong Wang. “Researching into the Administering Income and Expense of the Clan Field in Modern Anhui Province——Beginning from the word of ‘nine tenths persons of administering public property become rich by corruption’”, Historical Research in Anhui, 2008(2)

8. Zhilong Wang. “Researching the Development Situation of Clan Field in Modern Anhui Province”, Agricultural History of China, 2008, 27(2)

9. Zhilong Wang. “Researching the Distribution of the Clan Field in Modern Anhui Province from Different Visual Angles”, Historical Research in Anhui, 2009(3)

10. Zhilong Wang, “Hongfei Ci. Summary of Academic Seminar on Three Rural Issues in Chinese History”, Researches in Chinese Economic History,2009, 95(3)

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12. Zhilong Wang. “Must Breaking Through the Problem in Explaining Relationship between Guangdong Local Strength Faction and Jiang Jieshi”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University,2009(supplement)

13. Zhilong Wang. “The Distribution of the Clan Field in Modern Huizhou in the Atmosphere of the Respecting Forbears and Building Harmony Clan——view from Jixi county”, Agricultural History of China, 2010, 29(1)

14. Zhilong Wang. “Researching the Influence from the War to the Clan Field in Modern Anhui Province”, Historic Review, 2010(2)

15. Zhilong Wang. “Researching into the Operation of the Clan Field in Modern Anhui Province”, Historical Research in Anhui, 2010(5)

16. Zhilong Wang. “On the Red Army Public Field during the Agrarian Revolution, Study on the history of the Communist Party of China”, 2011(5)

17. Zhilong Wang. “Researching the Distribution of the Clan Field in the South of Modern Jiangsu Province——view from Shanghai County, Wu County and Gaochun County”, The Journal of Chinese Social and Economic History, 2011, 117(2)

18. Zhilong Wang. “Researching the Chinese Cmmunist Party’s Policy on the ‘Cultivated Land to Tiller’ around the Great Revolution in China”, Researches in Chinese Economic History, 2012, 107(3)

19. Zhilong Wang. “Clarifying Doubts based on the Historical Facts”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2012(supplement)

20. Zhilong Wang. “Researching the Government’s Policy of the Clan Field and It’s Effect from 1912 to 1937”, Agricultural History of China, 2013, 32(3)

21. Hongfei Ci, Zhilong Wang. “The Historical Inspection on the Fen-land System of the Village Community’s Common Land”, Agricultural History of China, 2013, 32(4)

22. Zhilong Wang. “Researching the Graveyard Disputes in the Modern Anqing Area”, Agricultural History of China, 2014, 33(2)

23. Zhilong Wang. “The Scope’s Alteration and the Function’s Change of the Clan Field in the Modern South of Jiangsu”, Historical Research in Anhui,2014(4)

24. Zhilong Wang. “Seeing the Government’s Trespassing on the Folk Charitable Organization’s Property from the Case of Yuzhai Yizhuang”, Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences, 2014(9)

25. Zhilong Wang. “Advocacy, Encouragement and Protection: the Qing Government’s Policy of the Clan Field”, Jianghai Academic Journal,2014(6)

26. Zhilong Wang. “Study on the Clan Free Estate’s Principal Administrator in Southern Jiangsu Province during Qing Dynasty”, Journal of Social Sciences, 2016(5)

Honors and Awards

1.National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations Award Nomination ,2010.

2.Nanjing Normal University "Blue Project" outstanding Young Teacher,2010.

Academic Title

Director of Jiangsu Agricultural History Association