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Zhong Zheng Professor



PhD, Modern Chinese History, Nanjing University (2000) 

MA, Ancient Chinese History, Nanjing University (1993)

BA, Asian History, Xuzhou Normal University (1990)

Research Projects


  1. Junior Research Grant, Nanjing Normal University, 1998-2000
  2. Research Grant, Chinese National Audit Bureau Foundation, 2001-2003
  3. National Grant Program, Research Center of the China-Japan History,   
  4. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2001-2003 
  5. National Key Grant Program, Chinese Ministry of Education 2005-2008
  6. National Science Research Grant from Project 211, Fudan University, 2002
  7. National Science Research Grant from Government of Jiangsu province, 2006-2008
  8. Post-Funded Projects from the National Department of Education 2011-2013
  9. Major projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China 2015-2018



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21. “Study on the 176 division of the National Revolutionary Army During the Anti-Japanese     War”, Jianghai Academic Journal, 4 (2015).


1. “Middle Ancient Times: Yuan Dynasty” in The General History of Chinese, Volume 8, edited by Dezhi Cheng, Shanghai: Shanghai People Press, 1997.
2. Co-author, Chinese History of Audit, Volume 2, Beijing: China Time Press, 2004. 
3. Co-translation of Jonathan Spence, edit. In God’s Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan, Shanghai: Shanghai Far Eastern Press, 2001. 
4. Non-treaty Port Urbanization: a Typical Study of the Yangtze River Delta in Modern Time, Shanghai: Shanghai Dictionary Press, 2013.
5. Co-author, The Anti-Japanese War and China's Social Changes, Beijing: Unity press, 2015.

HONORS and Awards

The Guang Hua Educational Scholarship, Nanjing University 1992.
The Young Core Instructor, Nanjing Normal University, 2006. 
The Ninth Outstanding Achievements of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research in Jiangsu Universities, Second-Class Award, 2014.


Telephone: 86-25-83598437(O)
Mobile: 86-13813869713 (Cell)