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Academic Events

Annual academic seminars of Jiangsu Dialectics of Natural Research Institute 2017

On November 11th , annual academic seminars of Jiangsu Dialectics of Natural Research Institute 2017, Technological Innovation and Ecological Civilization Construction, was held in NNU Xianlin campus. Famous scholars across the Jiangsu province attended this seminars and the dean of Public Administration Academy Zhao Hui hosted the opening ceremony.

Seminars consists of academic report and grouped discussions.  The morning mainly proceeded academic report, Professor Qiu Lianghui, Lin Dehong, Zhang Xianglun, Lv Naiji, Cao Mengqin and Xia Baohua launched Keynote address. Their respective titles are “Inheritance and Innovation of Natural Dialectics”, “The Multiverse Theory is Speculative Physics”, “China's Way to Construct an Innovative Country”, “ The New Perspective of Ecological Civilization: the Influence of Virtual World on the Real World - Take the Regional Chain as an Example”, “Good Life Lies in Good Production”, “On the Practical Value Form of China's Independent Innovation”. The afternoon’s academic report included Professor Huang Zhengxin, Liu Kui, Qian Zhenqin, WangYing gave Keynote speeches. Their respective titles are “Random Discussion of the Quantum Second Revolution”, “The Type and Ecological Value of Organic Philosophy”, “Green Development is an Inexhaustible Driving Force for the Progress of Human Civilization”, “Systematicness of Xi Jinping's Water Ecological Civilization Construction”. Seminars then divided two discussion groups afterwards, that is “Science and Technology Innovation” and “Ecological Civilization”. Senior experts and young scholars have conducted a thorough discussion on each topic, which has reached consensus on some issues.   

This annual seminars provides a platform for experts and scholars in the fields of philosophy of science and technology in Jiangsu province to exchange, sharing and learning. Experts and scholars have expressed their views, conducted in-depth academic exchanges, and promoted academic research in the field of scientific and technological innovation and ecological civilization construction.