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Academic Events

Chen Jing in Institute of Philosophy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Was Invited to Speech in Our College

On the afternoon of May 27, 2016, Chen Jing, researcher of Institute of Philosophy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, doctoral supervisor, standing subeditor of History of Chinese Philosophy, was invited to deliver a speech entitled ‘The Current Research Status of Chinese Philosophy and Its Development Trend’. Shao Xianxia, Lin Dan, Chen Zhen and Cao Xiaohu attended the meeting as well as many students were attracted.

Chen looked back on the development process of history of Chinese philosophy and analysed some academic frontier issues. She emphasized that history of Chinese philosophy was born in the convergence of Eastern and Western thoughts, younger than traditional courses by introducing some academic works and writers’ backgrounds. In Chen’s opinion, study abroad experiences that early writers had result in fragmentation of Chinese traditional Confucian classics to adapt to western structure or in the meantime accepting western philosophy category. She added that the two both respected Chinese tradition and the conflicts between different opinions of Hu Shi, Zhong Tai, Fan Shoukang, etc. represented significant changes in Chinese thoughts. In terms of current research status of Chinese academic fields, Chen introduced various scholars’ understandings and conceptions of Chinese philosophy history writing and development. Scholars need to further explore how to keep balance between foreign thoughts and their own particularity. When it comes to how can young scholars find out potential of Chinese traditional thought resources, she also advised that they should show respect to historical background and current language environment and try to be closer to ideas that great influence our life.

After speech, Chen answered many audiences’ questions patiently, made elaborate explanation to some parts of her speech and gave young students sincere encouragement.