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Academic Events

"Forum on the History of Socialist Development" academic lectures were held in our academy

On the afternoon of June 11, 2021, the 156th Forum on Lundao hosted by School of Public Administration of NNU was held at 634-A, Xingmin Building. Professor Qin Gang and Professor Hu Zhenliang of the Party School of the Center Committee of C.P.C (National Academy of Governance) were invited to give an academic lecture entitled "The Historical Origin, Ideological Foundation and Related Comparison of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics". Professor Yu liangzao presided over the lecture.

First of all, Professor Qin Gang expounded his understanding of scientific socialism and socialism with Chinese characteristics from three aspects. The first is socialism with Chinese characteristics adheres to and develops the basic principles of scientific socialism. It is embodied in five aspects: liberating and developing productive forces, maintaining the dominant position of the people, the dominant position of the public economy, common prosperity and the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Second, socialism with Chinese characteristics updates the traditional socialist model. He believes that socialism with Chinese characteristics has realized the combination of socialist system and market economy, socialist development and globalization, and the integration of socialist development and Chinese culture. Third, socialism with Chinese characteristics transcends capitalism. Third, socialism with Chinese characteristics transcends capitalism. He stressed that socialism with Chinese characteristics, on the one hand, surpasses capitalism in the concept of development, and on the other hand, surpasses capitalism in peaceful development. 

Then, Professor Hu Zhenliang gave guidance on the study and scientific research of graduate students. He proposed that contemporary graduate students should maintain three awes in the process of study and research: awe in academics, awe in the people, and life. At the same time, he also emphasized the importance of history study to graduate’s scientific research, and proposed that theoretical study should be closely integrated with life practice, and he was determined to pursue a more advanced, sophisticated, and tasteful life.

At the end of the speech, Professor Yu liangzao said that the lecture was greatly inspired, and expressed his gratitude for the two professors’ coming.