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Academic Events

“Keep youth,keep in action”the farewell meeting for graduates of 2017 in the department of public government was held successfully

on the afternoon of 13th,June, The farewell meeting for graduates of 2017 Department of public government in Nanjing Normal University was held at Room 538, Xingmin building. All the leaders, principals of discipline, some of our teachers, all the staff and graduates have attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by deputy party secretary, Hu Hua.

The farewell meeting was started with the spectacular school song. The dean of the academy Zhao Hui made speech and expressed three points: the first is ambition, everyone should hold his strong desire and determination; the second is keep learning to enhance themselves, which make them outstanding facing with competition; the last one is to be practical. Be patient, be scrupulous, treat everything you do whole-heartedly.

Then, party secretary Zhu Dong Mei also expressed her sincere wishes to the graduate students. She hopes all the graduates will cherish the things they have, pursue the things they wish, and be grateful to their experiences. And the department is always the back supporter of all the graduates, she also wishes all graduates can often get back home. Their warming words have moved everyone with around of applause. After that, the representative of the teachers, Meng Xianping, also work as party branch secretary, gave out his inculcation with Chinese ancient poetries, the other teachers did resemblance, just like the parents saying farewell with their kids.

In addition, graduates prepared some splendid program. a song from the little tiger “love” brought us back to the adolescence; cross talk “I`m excellent” also brought us a lot of fun; another program presented by combinations of teachers, students and doctoral students — “declaimer”, which is highly expressed their emotion, has totally burned the passion of everyone. And the atmosphere of the scene was pushed to peak time, meantime, the department and the representative of the students exchanged their presents, then the representative showed their appreciation to the school.

At last, representative of undergraduate student Yuan Yijin and postgraduate student Zhu Ziwei both gave their speech. They briefly summed up their lives in the past years, and showed their appreciation to the working and teaching staff, their miss for the friends here, and their ambitions. In the end, all shared the graduation cake in the music song <if there is an other life>.

The graduates of 2017 is leaving their alma mater, and start their sailing. This meeting is a summary of past four years learning, also an expectancy of their future life. We believe they will face up the challenges in the future with the spirit of innovation and the independent personality after being nurtured in this place, and we also believe they will make a brighter future with their appreciation of their university.  (presented by the department of public government)