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Academic Events

Nanjing Normal University, Faculty of Public Administration, and Qixia District Organization Department, the Communist Youth League "to Build Students' Practice Base Signing Ceremony" was Held Successfully

To further promote the construction of the university and the faculty ,bring the advantage of sharing resource into full play, building up students' practice platform, to enhance the ability of practice education, Nanjing Normal University, Faculty of public administration, and Qixia District Organization Department, Communist Youth League “to build students' practice base” contract signing ceremony was held on June 23, 2016 at 10:00 am in the office of 619 in Xingmin building. Qixia District Organization Department Deputy Minister Pan Shangjun, the Communist Department Secretary Jian Long Fu, vice secretary of Wangyang and so on, the five of them attended the signing ceremony. The leadership of our department attended the signing ceremony. The signing ceremony was chaired by the Secretary of the faculty, teacher Zhu Dongmei.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dean Zhao Hui delivered a speech to welcome each leader to attend the ceremony, and introduced the development of our university and faculty. Dean Zhao Hui briefly introduced the history of Nanjing Normal University. Nanjing Normal University, as a 211 comprehensive university, has a long history, profound cultural heritage, a wide range of disciplines, and solid cultivation of professionals, profound ability of academic and scientific research. It also proactively serve the economic and social development of the destrict. Dean also introduced faculty of public administration and discipline in recent years’ development history and teaching and professional cultivation achievements in detail, pointed out that faculty undergraduate and graduate students committed to elite cultivation concept, according to the background of professional disciplines, and actively build a practice platform for students, wish to build students' practice base with Qixia District, to strengthen students' practical abilities. At the same time, the faculty will actively bring the resource of think tanks into full play and enhance capabilities of social service .

Subsequently, Vice Minister of Qixia District Organization Department Pan Shangjun introduced the economic and social development achievements in Qixia District recent years, and the outstanding achievements in the aspect of chosen students in Communist Department and college student village officials, stressed the importance of practice at grassroots level in professional cultivation and mothball cadres’ management ability, expressed a wish to cooperate with the university, make use of the resource of scientific research in universities and think tanks, wish to build a new, rich and beautiful Qixia District.

Then, the Communist Department Secretary of Qixia, Fu Jian long, introduced the work related to the Communist Department, and the 22 summer internship positions. These internship positions have wide coverage and are professional. He expressed that he is looking forward to the cooperation, and hope that the cooperation will achieve satisfactory results. The leadership of both discussed the requirements of internship positions in detail, the leadership of our faculty,  said that candidates for these positions will be implemented as soon as possible. On the one hand, our students can get the actual exercise, on the other hand it is also contributed to the related work in Qixia District to get better development.

Finally, Dean Zhao and Deputy Minister Pan both sign the contract. The two sides further discussed the cooperate to cadres training, scientific research, social research and other related work. It is believed that through the joint efforts of both sides, greater contributions of our faculties’ development and Qixia District’s construction will be made. (Faculty of public administration feeds)