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Academic Events

Nanjing Normal University service learning members visited Taiwan service learning institute

On August 3rd 2017, service learning practical innovation studio members of Nanjing Normal University, teacher Xu Yifei in public management academy and President Wang Ruihan of the Youth Volunteer Association visited Ms. Liu Ruolan, the president of Taiwan service learning institute and the director of the student affairs office in Taiwan Normal University, the general secretary Mr. Cai Xizhang and the deputy general secretary Mr. Li Yuqi, exchanged mutual views on service learning of Taiwan and mainland universities.

President Liu Ruolan introduced Taiwan service learning history, types and the current working situation. Then teachers of institute introduced the service learning experience of Taiwan Normal University, Providence University and Fu Jen Catholic University. Mr. Xu introduced service learning programs that have been carried out in Nanjing Normal University and reported the constructive progress of Nanjing Normal University service learning studio.  

In the end, Mr. Xu presented souvenirs to Taiwan service learning institute and took photo with institute teachers. This visit established the communication platform between Nanjing Normal University and Taiwan Normal University. Taiwan Normal University service learning institute is willing to offer help on information, research and training to Nanjing Normal University service learning studio.